The number of crypto ATMs installed worldwide has grown over 7,000, with machines operating in 75 countries. 

According to data compiled by CoinATMRadar, the most recent update for global crypto ATMs shows 7,050 machines in 75 countries. 

The United States is still the overwhelming most popular location for crypto ATMs, with more than 5000 machines offering cryptocurrency services. Canada ranks second on the list, with 755 ATMs, while the United Kingdon places third with 303 kiosks.

Compared to exchanges, crypto ATMs allow users a physical kiosk to trade fiat for popular crypto-assets such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. In addition to buying and selling crypto, ATMs have become an increasingly popular method for remittance, allowing users to send cash payments to relatives and friends in other countries. 

While the first bitcoin ATM was installed in a Vancouver coffee shop in 2013 by a company called Robocoin, the number of manufacturers has since ballooned to 42. Genesis Coin accounts for the vast majority of ATMs, with 2362 installations worldwide. Manufacturer General Bytes is in second place, with 2205 machines installed to date. 

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