Ripple’s investment and development arm Xpring plans to build a bridge of financial connectivity between Ethereum and XRP. 

According to a blog post on the official Xpring website, the crypto development company has announced its attention to increase interoperability between XRP and ETH. Xpring, which bills itself as an “open developer” platform for money, sponsored the ETH Denver event held last weekend.

The Xpring team was inevitably asked about a Ripple-backed enterprise supporting Ethereum, to which they replied, 

Xpring is default open, meaning we build open source software, open protocols and open standards and we love to work with others that do too.

The post claims nearly all of Xpring’s 40+ engineers work on open-source software and that the company is committed to supporting multiple forms of development on the XRP Ledger. 

The post also explained the importance of interoperability between cryptocurrency projects, 

We believe that developers should be given a choice on how to solve their problems, which is one of the reasons why we think interoperability is so important for crypto and blockchain technology to reach mainstream adoption.

In order to support interoperability, Xpring sponsored three challenges in the lead-up to ETH Denver, Each of the challenges was centered around building bridges between XRP and Ethereum through the Interledger Protocol (ILP). 

The post concluded by reiterating Xpring’s commitment to open development and growing interoperability, 

We look forward to working with more blockchain communities in the future.

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