CEEK VR is a revolutionary platform offering blockchain-based streaming for content creators worldwide. Through the use of blockchain technology, this innovative company offers immersive entertainment and educational experiences. In addition, music artists, professional athletes, and other influencers can also tokenize merchandise on the CEEK platform creating a new source of income. In an interview with Mary Spio, CEO & founder of CEEK VR, she shared insights on her company and her vision.

As explained by Mary, the idea for CEEK VR came as a result of trying on the Oculus Rift (The VR headset Facebook acquired for $2 billion). At the time, Ms. Spio remembers how the VR goggles took her back to her childhood when she used to watch TV and imagine what it would be like to walk on the moon. Her curiosity led her to become a Deep Space Scientist.  Thanks to the power of Virtual Reality, years later she got to live her childhood dream. This got her thinking about the possibilities Virtual Reality could offer in educating, entertaining and inspiring a whole new generation of knowledge seekers. The term CEEK is a variation of Seek and represents those who are seeking knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration as she was. Users of Spio’s platform CEEK call themselves “Ceekers.”

At the time when Spio tried Facebook’s VR device, it was primarily offering games. Mary decided to launch CEEK for those who were seeking experiences beyond games such as music concerts, sports, educational content and more. She says she wanted to make content everyday video consumers and casual gamers want viewable through VR goggles. Coming from a global perspective, she focused on making VR content and experiences available for everyone regardless of location and at a cost everyone could afford. This vision led her to create CEEK, which today is the leader in Virtual Reality Concert experiences.

According to Spio, the blockchain integration solves the streaming industry’s biggest challenge – TRUST. By tracking content on the blockchain the CEEK platform provides content creators transparency as well as automatic royalty payments via smart contracts. Rights owners do not simply rely on mysterious numbers platforms conjure for them.

CEEK VR is a blockchain-based streaming platform for virtual events and other experiences. CEEK offers partners a single VR streaming service for multiple devices. Through their platform, customers pay for content once and access it across multiple devices. This patent-awarded, end-to-end approach is designed to scale VR from a niche industry to mass consumer adoption by providing premium content beyond gaming…. In addition, the company has developed its own Mobile VR Headset and has released the world’s first 360 Headphones, which provides an immersive experience for smartphone users.

Another interesting aspect of CEEK VR has to do with its team. With a proven track record of industry leaders, CEEK VR has a vast team of professionals with experience from top companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks SKG, 20th Century Fox, Verizon, and Zynga. The deep industry expertise and relationships that each team member brings has enabled the achievement of massive milestones and partnerships that have led this company to success.

Here are a few of the company’s achievements.

  • CEEK has Partnered with Universal Music, the world’s biggest music company which boasts over 14,000 of the world’s best music artists.
  • CEEK Partnered with facebook to create content for the Oculus VR Platform. CEEK counts among its early investors Facebook’s Oculus VR.
  • The CEEK platform already features over 100 Mega Artists including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Quavo with more exciting releases ahead
  • CEEK partnered with the 3 time NBA Champion Dwyane Wade’s Celebrity Sports Camp to create Virtual Reality content to train future athletes in basketball, American Football, Soccer and life skills.
  • CEEK was selected for the prestigious Microsoft for Startups program, which help would-be unicorns grow their wings.

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The Future Of The Streaming Industry

On the future of the entertainment industry, Mary believes VR is the inevitable future of the entertainment industry. As detailed by Ms. Spio, the industry will eventually transition into immersive experiences to provide  live events and content to a wider audience around the world. CEEK VR plans on becoming a huge part of this revolution by providing on demand and live streaming of  music, entertainment and educational content.

Today there’s a huge issue when it comes to trust and content creators. Content creators have to rely on reports generated from streaming companies. Rights owners don’t have a way of verifying if the information supplied by the streaming company is, in fact, accurate and if the royalties that are being paid are in accordance with what users have truly consumed or advertising that has been associated. CEEK aims to ensure that all content consumption tracking metrics are transparent for content rights owners, while also offering an automatic payment via smart contracts.

CEEK’s CEO and Founder Deep space engineer and tech innovator Mary Spio served in the Air Force and created content and technologies for global titans such as Lucas Films, Universal Music, Miami Children’s Hospital, Microsoft XBOX, Tribune News, Clear Channel, and Boeing. Today, she is the CEO and President of CEEK VR INC, a developer of innovative virtual and augmented reality content solutions and experiences. CEEK has created VR experiences for entertainment, healthcare, and education. Their recent VR Experience with Universal Music won the prestigious CLIO award in the same category as Disney’s Star Wars and Intel’s Lady Gaga Experience.

Spio executive produced Dystopia VR the immersive companion to the 2017 Grammy Award Winning Album. Mary holds several patents in real-time streaming and virtual reality technologies. Spio is an accomplished novelist and screenwriter (A Song for Carmine) and Bestselling author of It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Achieving Uncommon Success (Penguin Books), in which she shares inspirational stories to spur readers to move beyond their comfort zones into creating impact and significance. Mary has been featured in Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Rolling Stones, Billboard and named history maker by NBC News alongside Oprah and Lebron James.

For more information on the platform visit www.ceek.com and for more information on the blockchain visit Ceek.io