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The popular cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has recently started testing a Basic Attention Token (BAT) tipping feature for Twitter on its developer channel, allowing users to tip others for tweets they like directly on the microblogging platform.

According to Brave, the new feature is still being tested and will seemingly let users tip BAT as easily as they would like or retweet posts. The tips are instantly sent to verified content creators.

It’s worth noting the developer version is much less stable than the browser’s stable version, as it’s where developers often test new features before they’re rolled out to other users. The Brave Ads program was first tested on it as well.

The Brave browser offers users privacy-centric features, as it blocks ads an trackers by default. This, along with the premise of earning crypto for browsing, has helped it become popular, so much so it surpassed 20 million downloads in March of this year.

Notably, the feature comes shortly after Brave started allowing users to earn its BAT token for seeing ads. As covered, Brave users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and France can opt-in to see ads and earn up to $5 a month worth of crypto for it, with the featured set to be rolled out to other regions in the future.

Tokens users earn are, by default, distributed to websites and content creators on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, according to the time they spend on their content. These parameters can be changed to allocate specific amounts to specific publishers, or users can simply keep their tokens while waiting for a withdrawal option to be available.

In April of this year Gab, a purportedly uncensored social media microblogging platform, forked the Brave browser to create a “free-speech browser” and, in the future, a “free-speech marketplace and app store” powered by bitcoin.