The TRON Foundation said in a September 13th blog post they have burned around 4.9 billion TRON ERC20 tokens. The foundation’s fifth token burning event was designed to further facilitate a transition from Ethereum to the mainnet.

According to a TRON blog post from September 13th, the TRON Foundation has burned 4,917,487,036.059613 ERC20 tokens. The latest burn, which was intended to help smooth the transition away from the Ethereum blockchain, now represents the fifth time the company has burned old ERC20 tokens.

Another Token Burn Event For TRON

On September 13th, the Foundation said token migration was still ongoing, but explained they would keep ‘Tronics’ up to date about forthcoming news. TRON also made the burn record publically available for view on Etherscan.

In the blog post, TRON noted how their mainnet currently runs smoothly, writing how there are 1058 nodes across the world.

The Foundation released a post on Medium in late August clarifying their burn policy after a number of people in the cryptocurrency community started to raise questions about the process.

TRON: Always In The News

While TRON’s token burning announcements always seem to make headlines, the Foundation has also been pretty active in a variety of other areas.

On September 6th, TRON said some of their merchandise was now available on the Crypto & Proud lifestyle store. Products available include TRON t-shirts, polos and iPhone cases.

Just about a week later, digital asset exchange Bittrex said they would be launching US Dollar markets for TRON on September 17th.

TRON also purchased peer-to-peer pioneer BitTorrent in late July for a reported $140 million. The acquisition was heralded as a big moment for the Foundation, as BitTorrent has almost 100 million active users across a variety of services.

About the same time, hackers made their way into a Twitter account belonging to FOX’s Almost Human Show, and then started to impersonate TRON founder Justin Sun. The hackers were able to use the account to put out “updates” related to TRON for a number of days.