Cryptocurrency scammers seem to have gained control of an official Twitter account (@AlmostHumanFOX) belonging to FOX’s Almost Human show. The scammers are also reportedly using the account to lure unsuspecting users by offering fake “giveaways” or free cryptocurrency.

At present, the hacked Twitter handle is impersonating TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun and it’s not clear exactly how the account was compromised. The hacked account appears to be tweeting TRON related updates since the past three days.Tron twitter hack

Moreover, Twitter’s management, the FOX broadcasting company and people from the discontinued Almost Human TV series have not officially said anything regarding the hack. Reportedly, the Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses being used by the scammers have not yet received any digital currency from unsuspecting users, according to blockchain data.

Twitter, FOX Remain Silent Regarding Hacked Accounts

This may change because the scammers might eventually be able to trick some users, especially if Twitter and FOX do not come forward soon to address this issue. Notably, scammers on Twitter are now well-known for impersonating crypto and blockchain influencers while also fooling them into sending cryptocurrency to their accounts.

Recently, crypto analyst and Forbes contributor Joseph Young also reported a “fake crypto bot giveaway” through a scam account on Twitter. After Young informed Twitter about the incident, the company responded by saying they had found “no violation of the Twitter rules against abusive behavior.” The crypto investor further noted that this was not the first time that scammers had impersonated him on Twitter in order to “offer” fake giveaways.

Tron twitter hack

Questionable Twitter Verified Status Rules

There also appears to be some confusion right now regarding how Twitter assigns verified badges to accounts. The social media company’s terms and conditions state that users may lose their verified status if they change their username. However, Twitter accounts that change their display name are still able to retain their verified status.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that management at the micro-blogging service is looking into the abusive activity. However, it seems that the company is not doing much to prevent bad actors from using its service to scam people. This, despite a large number of influential crypto and blockchain personalities, such as Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, requesting numerous times that Twitter should do something to stop this growing problem.