Huobi Group, a major blockchain-based asset provider, recently announced the launch of a new Huobi Cloud platform, a “one-stop solution” for building customized digital currency exchanges. Reportedly, Huobi Cloud will offer an efficient and simplified way to deploy “self-building” exchanges by using a “standardized access process” and “dedicated” after-sales service.

According to the official Huobi Cloud website, its “diversified service” includes letting clients provide crypto-to-crypto and over-the-counter (OTC) trading options through customized blockchain-powered platforms.

Huobi’s Cloud-based package will also let its users list crypto tokens of their choice while “ensur[ing] the security and reliability of the exchange.” The company’s risk control team, experienced in investment banking and helping internet startups, will oversee the cloud-based digital asset exchanges.

Order-Matching With The Exchange

Additionally, Huobi plans to share its industry experience in systems development and customer relations “to help partners improve their business.” Clients who utilize Huobi Cloud services to launch public digital asset exchanges will be able to “have orders matched with Huobi’s orders to ensure sufficient liquidity.”

Moreover, users may personalize their settings by building user interfaces with “customized logos and slogans” while supporting multiple languages. Other notable features include Huobi Cloud partners’ ability to independently manage their user system, while receiving guidance on Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements based on their jurisdiction.

There’s also a built-in wallet system that provides support for coins currently listed on Huobi’s Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX). The customizable wallet system will allow Huobi Cloud partners to use the company’s proprietary “coin customization, chain swap, [and] candy airdrop” features as well

Partners are to independently manage their accounts, in order to “guarantee the accuracy of financial data.” Notably, Huobi’s Cloud partnership program is being promoted as a service allowing its clients to “build [their] own brand” in which they can “prepare” and “deploy” their own digital asset exchange.

Huobi’s current partners include the Dbank Group, a digital asset and investment platform that aims to launch various crypto wallet services throughout the world. The Huobi Group has also reportedly partnered with the Chi Fu Group, a financial holding firm with investments in the United States, Europe, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.