Yury Gerchikov

News Reporter

Yury has recently worked for the Central Bank of Russian Federation, participated in an ICO and is now focused on research in cryptocurrency markets. His diversified working experience helps to view crypto from both an entrepreneurial and a regulatory point of view. After work, he plays guitar in a rock band, studies Aikido and learns Python.

Articles by Author

Choosing a DApp Platform: Ethereum, NEO or EOS?

Since the Ethereum ICO market exploded many new platforms have entered the market and now there is a real competition between DApp platforms for investment as well as attracting the brightest developers. We cover the pros and cons of the three DApp titans: Ethereum, NEO and the controversial EOS.

ZCash Hard Fork ‘Overwinter’ Planned for June 26th

ZCash will hard fork on 26th of June. According to the ZCash team, the hard fork will bring greater transparency, safer transactions with replay transactions and will reduce risks of downloading apps on zk-SNARK technology.

Why Entrepreneurs from Russia Flooded the ICO Market?

Since 2014, many Russian blockchain-based start-ups occurred on the market and there is a large number of ongoing ICOs with Russian roots. CryptoGlobe takes a look at the high Russian interest in the ICO market and how it can be explained by political and economic factors that make it difficult to raise capital in the country.

Ripple Riddle: Two Obstacles To Becoming the Global Payments Standard

Ripple (XRP) aims to become the global payments standard, an ambitious mission which is certainly possible. It is clear that the technology is ready, however, there are two obstacles that are yet to be fundamentally solved: Volatility and Regulation. CryptoGlobe takes a closer look at whats stopping Ripple from becoming the global payments standard.

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