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Pratik Makadiya is a cryptocurrency journalist and content writer based out of Gujarat, India. He's an avid fan of Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and fintech in general. You can connect with him on twitter at @pratik_makadiya

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Jewelry Consortium Using IBM Blockchain to Record Supply Chain

A blockchain project, which is a joint idea and named TrustChain has been developed for consumers to track precious metals such as gold and diamonds from beginning to end.

Fake MetaMask App Reportedly Swindled Ethereum Users Out Of $2,700

A fake MetaMask app on Google’s Play Store has been swindling Ethereum (ETH) from unsuspecting users. Although several scams have been found in the past, fake apps keep appearing. As covered, a security researcher has already highlighted the danger copycat crypto apps pose. 

Snoop Dogg to Perform and Promote Ripple at Invite-Only Event

Famous American musician Snoop Dogg will be entertaining attendees at a VIP gathering hosted by Ripple, the company behind the XRP token. The company announced through a blog post that the Hip Hop star will be promoting it with a performance at the event, on May 15.

215 ETH: Hackers Hit Internets Core Infrastructure to Swindle Ethereum Users

Ethereum wallet interface MyEtherWallet (MEW) recently saw its DNS redirect users to a phishing website. The redirections were traced to an IP address in St. Petersburg, Russia. Though the attack wasn’t speficially targeting the cryptocurrency website, 215 Ether tokens (about $130,000) were stolen from Ethereum users.

Ripple Invests $25 Million Worth of XRP in Blockchain Capital

Ripple, a San Francisco based blockchain startup, announced to have staked $25 million worth of XRP tokens in one blockchain-focused venture capital company – Blockchain Capital. As part of the fourth venture round, Ripple affirmed its contribution to Blockchain Capital Parallel IV LP fund –  which exclusively accepts investments in digital currencies.

Barclays Model Sees Bitcoin As Disease Whose Prices Have Peaked

According to a group of analysts at Barclays Plc., Bitcoin’s unpredicted price rise late last year is analogous to the propagation of an infectious disease. Per the analysts, bitcoin’s price may never recover if the ‘bubble’ bursts.

Petition to Backpedal Indian Central Banks Decision of Crypto Ban

Following the recent ban in India, an unverified person/group filed a petition on – “Make India at the forefront of Blockchain Applications revolution”, to counter the decision. The petition has reached about 22,000 signatures and industry experts are urging others to support the petition.

South Africa To Establish Self-Regulatory Unit To Oversee Crypto Industry

South Africa´s central bank, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), is instituting an independent self-regulatory investigative unit – nicknamed Project Khoka – to oversee the crypto space.

Survey: 14% Of Japans Young, Male Professionals Own Cryptos

According to a survey conducted by Japanese research institute Shin R25, a subsidiary of the publicly listed internet advertising company Cyber Agent, 14 percent of all young professionals in the Japan aged between 25-30 own cryptocurrency.

Google To Remove All Crypto Mining Extensions From Chrome’s Store

Google is going a step further in improving user experience on its Chrome browser. After recently announcing a ban on crypto-related ads, the company has now publicised it will remove cryptocurrency mining extensions from its Chrome Web Store.

John McAfee Charges $105,000 Per Crypto Promoting Tweet

John McAfee, the founder of eponymous Antivirus and technology tycoon turned crypto influencer, recently unveiled that he is charging more than $105,000 per tweet to promote cryptocurrency related projects and products, eSpecially Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

SEC Charges Mayweather-Endorsed ICO With Fraud, Binance May Delist Token

Cryptocurrency startup Centra Tech, endorsed by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been charged with fraud by the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC). Crypto exchange Binance threatened to delist its CTR token.

Crypto Hedge Funds Start Closing Down

The first quarter has been one of the bloodiest time for the crypto space. According to Bloomberg, about nine cryptocurrency-centered hedge funds have closed their operations either due to the sharp falls in the cryptocurrency market or regulatory risks.

Cryptocurrency Market Down 54% in Q1 2018, Losses Top $500 Billion

Cryptocurrencies had a rough first quarter with several global governments cracking down on crypto related businesses. In a few months the market lost over $500 billion.

Bitpay Adds Bitcoin Cash Support An Alternative To Bitcoin

Bitpay, global Bitcoin payment service provider, in a blog post announced that the company has added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It will be the first time in since its inception that it will process payment in a digital token other than Bitcoin (BTC).

AC Milan Owner Tries To Pay Loan With Bitcoin

Italian football club AC Milan has been in news because its financial struggles as its current owner, Chinese businessman Li Yonghong, is unable to pay his dues to investment firm Elliott Management. The firm lent him money while signing the deal for A.C. Milan. Reportedly, due to his poor financial situation, Li planned to settle the debt with bitcoin, but the attempt failed.

Africans Still Show Great Interest In Bitcoin

For many Africans Bitcoin is seen a way to combat political instability and inflation as its decentralised governance model makes it immune to irresponsible monetary policies of many African governments.

TipsRanks To Launch Cryptocurrency Analysis Tool CoinWatch

US-based financial analysts ranking service TipRanks is launching an innovative tool dubed CoinWatch, to serve the cryptocurrency space. The new tool provides investors with historical data and real-time analytics on more than a thousand digital coins.

Coinbase Gains Mainstream Exposure In HBOs Silicon Valley Season 5 Intro

One of the largest currency exchanges headquartered in the United States, Coinbase, of which the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) platform is a part of, is now featured in the introductory video of Silicon Valley’s fifth season on HBO.

A Global Look At Crypto And ICO Regulations

This Meta-Analysis give a synopsis of government regulatory policies on cryptos across the globe. Currently they are contradictory and highly varied, so it is thought that a common global policy will not be formed any time soon.

Las Vegas Strip Warms Up To Cryptocurrencies

The Las Vegas Strip has started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Due to state regulations, casinos do not accept digital currencies for gambling, but restaurants and retail outlets inside the gambling houses accept cryptocurrencies.

Google Is Reportedly Experimenting With Blockchain Technology

The giant Internet search engine, Google seems to be working on the latest distributed ledger technology to support their cloud business.

Binance Received A Formal Warning From Japanese FSA

The Financial Services Agency (FSA), Japan’s financial watchdog, issued an official warning to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume – Binance, for operating in the country without a license. 

Indian Banks Close Crypto Exchange Accounts And Send 500,000 Tax Notices

Crypto-asset trading companies in India are under pressure as banks and regulators are creating a hostile environment which is negatively reflecting on trading volumes, particulary for bitcoin. 500,000 High Net Worth crypto-asset traders have been sent tax notices from the Indian tax authorities.

Trump Bans The Purchase Of Venezuelan Cryptocurrency: The Petro

United States President, Donald Trump, issued a prohibition order whereby the state-backed Venezuelan cryptocurrency “Petro” is deemed illegal and thus forbidding U.S. citizens from buying the Petro.

Twitter Planning To Ban Cryptocurrency Ads In Two Weeks

Twitter is reportedly preparing to ban cryptocurrency advertisements. The social media platform will follow the likes of Google and Facebook who already have announced bans of cryptocurrency ads on their respective platforms.

Coca-Cola Partners With Blockchain Companies To Combat Forced Labour Crisis

Coca-Cola, United States State Department, Emercoin, and Bitfury are partnering  to fight forced labour with the help of blockchain technology. According to the State Department of U.S., it is the first project of its kind that helps to overcome a global issue such as forced labour.

Financial Stability Board See Promise In Blockchain Technology

Financial Stability Board (FSB) has called off the demand for stricter regulations as it does not see the crypto market as a threat to the financial system. They also highlighted the benefits of blockchain technology.

Mcafee’s New Adventure – Joins Security Startup Cyptosecure

Crypto influencer John McAfee is joining a firm that claims it offers “hackproof security solutions” for the virtual coin industry.

Winklevoss Twins Propose Self-Regulatory Organization To Police Cryptocurrency Trading

Founders of the Gemini Exchange, Winklevoss twins have submitted a proposal to form a self-regulatory body meant to police cryptocurrency markets and custodians. 

Crypto Exchange Giant Binance to Launch Decentralized Exchange

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume is launching a public blockchain to ease the creation of a new decentralized exchange. More specifically, the Binance network will use their own BNB coin to create a decentralized model.

Japan To Urge G20 Nations To Create Global Regulation On Cryptocurrency

Japan is looking to urge G20 nations at the upcoming summit to take steps to prevent misuse of cryptocurrency. Japan believes a common regulatory stance on cryptocurrency is required to combat the issues such as money laundering.

Last Week Tonight Host John Oliver Dedicates A Segment To Crypto Space

On March 11, Sunday night’s episode of “Last Week Tonight,” a popular English comedian John Oliver discussed cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and digital finance in great detail and said, “literally nobody knows how it’s going to develop”. He went on to discuss more contraversial apsects of the industry such as EOS and its founder Brock Pearce.

Report Shows Egypt Government Is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrencies Using Citizens Computers

Egyptian authorities are mining cryptocurrencies on citizen’s computers and laptops, says an investigation by The Citizen Lab. The report states devices implemented by the Egypt government are blocking political, human rights websites. Whilst using “AdHose” to mine for cryptocurrencies.

Ripple Partners With 61 Japanese Banks To Create An Instant Payments App

Ripple is collaborating with 61 Japanese banks to launch a mobile application under the name “MoneyTap” The company joined partnered with the 61 Japanese banks in July last year and together they represent 80% of Japans banking services.

Coinbase Hit By Three Separate Lawsuits For Cheating Consumers

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has been hit by two new class action lawsuit on March 2. The lawsuit accuses the company of conducting insider trading and violating California’s Unclaimed Property Law.

Merriam-Webster Adds ‘Cryptocurrency’ And ‘Initial Coin Offering’ To Dictionary

America’s best selling dictionary, Merriam-Webster added more than 800 words in their dictionary along with crypto terminology like “Cryptocurrency”, “Initial Coin Offering” and “Blockchain”.

Enraged Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Changes His Twitter Name

Vitalik Buterin, the young entrepreneur and co-founder of Ethereum recently changed his name on Twitter from “Vitalik Buterin” to “Vitalik ‘No I’m not giving away ETH’ Buterin” as he was infuriated by twitter scams.

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