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Nuno Menezes is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and a cryptocurrency enthusiast who found cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in early 2013. He is working as a writer for several news outlets, focusing on anthropology and blockchain technology.

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According To a Recent Survey an Amazon Cryptocurrency Would Be Welcome

According to a recent survey put out by LendEDU suggests Amazon users would welcome an Amazon cryptocurrency. Althought the e-commerce giant already has a ‘Amazon coin’ it is not a cryptocurrency.

Bitpay Accused Of Turning Their Back On Satoshis Vision

Bitpay’s new terms of service are discriminatory and have been accused of misrepresenting bitcoin. In the new terms of agreement, the company assumes a discriminatory position against several activities including the sale of explicit sexual content.

Putin Says Russia Cannot Turn Its Back On Blockchain

Putin says the blockchain is an important technology which Russian cannot show it’s back. Putin explained that Russia needs to adopt the technology as it will be an extreme necessity in the future.  

Calgary Renovations Contractor Announce It Will Accept Bitcoin And Ethereum

Trademark Renovations is Calgary’s premier renovation company. Trademark has won numerous industry awards along with the consumer choice awards and an A plus BBB rating. The company now announced it was starting to accept bitcoin and Ethereum payments, becoming the first luxury renovations contractor company in Calgary doing so.

African Startups Plan To Use The Blockchain To Prevent Land Fraud

Several blockchain startups are developing tools to try and tackle the highly corrupt land registry systems in African nations. The Land Layby Group and Bitland are working on projects in Kenya and Ghana respectively but are facing challenges from government bodies which distrust cryptocurrency.

Coinbase And Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchanges Enable Segregated Witness Support

The Bitcoin scaling crisis in the preceding few months caused fees to surpass $100 per transaction creating worry that the currency would never be able to scale to become a useful medium of exchange. However fees have started dropping and are now well below $1 dollar this is partly due to the drop in price […]

Cryptocurrency Mining Might Cause Energy Shortage in Iceland

Despite the 3 month  downtrend in Bitcoin Price, the mining industry is growing rapidly without showing any signs of slowing down. Because of its natural characteristics, countries as Iceland have become the preferred target for companies to deploy their mining operations.

Government Websites Get Infected With Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Government websites get infected with a virus containing cryptocurrency mining malware. Thousands of sites, including NHS services and other government sites have been infected by cryptocurrency mining malware.

Canadian Oil And Gas Company Uses Gas To Power Cryptocurrency Mining Operation

Canadian oil and gas company uses gas to power cryptocurrency mining operation. The company will launch its own subsidiary cryptocurrency mining organisation and host an operation called Iron Chain Technology.

Russian Nuclear Scientists Caught Mining Cryptocurrencies Using Supercomputer

Russian nuclear scientists get caught trying to mine cryptocurrencies using a Russian supercomputer. There have been reports of similar events in other industrial facilities being used for cryptocurrency mining in Russia.  

The Liechtenstein Royal Family Believes Cryptocurrency To Be A Good Investment

The Liechtenstein Royal family is looking to invest in Cryptocurrency as the Prince believes that Blockchain technology can help the principality management. He also said that he believes it to be a good investment.

Bee Token ICO Gets Hacked For $1 Million In Ethereum

The Bee Token ICO suffered a email phishing attack which is thought to have cost investors well over $1 Million in Ethereum. The ICO has now been halted however a strategy to reimburse victims has not yet been announced.

Samsung Announces It Will Start Producing Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

Samsung is the largest tech behemoth to enter the lucrative cryptocurrency mining industry. Currently Bitmain is the dominant chip producer but Samsung is poised to disrupt the nascent market.

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