According to a recent survey put out by LendEDU, Amazon users say they would welcome an Amazon cryptocurrency. LendEDU is a site that empowers consumers to make educated and informed decisions by providing free financial resources and unbiased advice. The site usually does market research and implements surveys to acquire information and educate online shoppers on the best shopping practices.

LendEDU released a survey where it asked shoppers if they would accept an Amazon cryptocurrency that could be used for all of the merchant platform services. Up until now, the company didn’t comment on the survey.

According to the survey, of 1,000 Amazon customers, more than half of the respondents have supported the idea of Amazon entering the cryptocurrency industry, while only 1 in 5 of the respondents opposed the idea.

The survey stated:

“Just a little over half of the respondents, 51.7%, answered ‘yes’ to the idea of using an Amazon-created cryptocurrency — perhaps dubbed Amazon Coins — for future purchases on the website. Additionally, of those with Amazon Prime, 58.27% said they would consider using a cryptocurrency created by the company.”

LendEDU Survey

Even though Amazon doesn’t even accept bitcoin Amazon bought the website, which redirects visitors to the home page of Amazon. And in November 2017, Amazon registered three virtual currency-related domain names:,, Back then the move created a lot of speculation and a lot of people thought Amazon was making its entrance in the crypto space but the move was quickly discarded when the company said it registered the domain names to protect its brand name.

LendEDU said

“However, the potential for using an Amazon-created virtual currency to make purchases on the site even more streamlined is certainly tantalizing.”

LendEDU Survey

Amazon Coins

The company already sells its own tokens – Amazon Coins – however, while they may look like a cryptocurrency, they simply act as digital vouchers to spend on Kindle Fire apps and games. Moreover, the company may issue Amazon coins as they please but the coins cannot be resold or transferred by the users, they can only be spent on Amazon.

While an Amazon virtual currency remains a vision for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it could be an amazing way for the company to venture the cryptocurrency industry. It is important to note that the survey doesn’t reflect the company’s vision in any way but it might encourage the company to look closer at the space.