Trademark Renovations is Calgary’s premier renovation company. Trademark has won numerous industry awards along with the consumer choice awards and an A plus BBB rating. The company now announced it was starting to accept bitcoin and ethereum payments, becoming the first luxury renovations contractor company in Calgary to do so.

Trademark announced it would be the first general contractor in Calgary and Canada to offer consumers the chance of paying for their services using cryptocurrencies. The company will add digital currency as a payment method to pay for both renovation and custom build projects. According to the announcement, the company will start accepting bitcoin and Ethereum from March 1st, 2018 on.

Mr. Blair Foisy, the owner of Trademark Renovations, commented,

“I am excited to bring Bitcoin and Ethereum as new payment options to our customers. We believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will become an important part of everyday transactions for consumers and are happy to be able to offer this new payment alternative for our services to the Calgary public.”

Mr Blair Foisy

Blair has spent years putting together a team of professionals with excellent workmanship that also provides high value and service. Combine that with a team of Project Managers each with numerous years of experience in the renovation and new build industry and you have a reputable company equipped to undertake all sizes of projects from concept to completion.

The company has always tried to be on the top of the spear when it comes to innovation in the construction industry and now it is ready to embrace the growing popularity of blockchain technology. Big companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, Expedia, Kodak, Dell, Tesla and even some banks and governments have already shown interest in the technology and many are already using it. Trademark thinks that it is time to embrace the cryptocurrencies industry and the blockchain technology.

Foisy, stated:

“Cryptocurrencies are relatively new to some, but we at Trademark Renovations encourage the support of new technologies. I believe that the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution will positively affect all people and every industry including ours – and this is what we are doing right here in Calgary. The decision to start accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum is also indicative that they and other established cryptocurrencies have now developed into more broadly accepted forms of settlement.”


Trademark believes that in light of the fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not specifically attached to any fiat money, it will help make everything fair. When digital forms of money are embraced by the standard, the estimating for building materials and coordination won’t be liable to the present variances of fiat cash trade as they are with USD to CAD for instance. Distributed exchanges will wipe out numerous brokers and related stamp ups, who currently are significantly affecting the cost of products and materials.


Trademark Renovation provides a “hands-on” approach to ensure our clients’ projects are completed to the exact standards specified. Our Safeguard System eliminates the potential vulnerabilities one can encounter with a single general contractor.

With over 30 years in business, Blair Foisy brings a wealth of knowledge in renovations and building luxury custom new homes. The company is an award-winning Calgary luxury renovations contractor providing upscale full home renovations, room-specific renovations such as kitchen, basement developments, and home additions as well as custom home builds. Trademark operates strictly on a transparent process, calculated from costs relating to the project, and adding a percentage for a management fee. Upon conclusion of the project, all warranties are issued to the homeowner, including Trademark’s full two-year guarantee.

Trademark offers suggestions that put your ideas to paper, and once the budget, plans, specifications, and permits are in place, Trademark obtains quotes on your behalf. The company’s transparent and hassle-free process allows it to execute the plan to action, constantly verifying and ensuring the workmanship and materials are carried out to specifications.