Neil Dennis

Neil is a veteran financial journalist, but a relative newcomer to the land of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and brings a critical, yet fascinated, eye to the digital asset market.

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Stablecoins May Hinder Anti-Money Laundering Efforts, Financial Watchdog Says

The proliferation of stablecoins - such as Facebook's Libra, underpinned by physical assets - may undermine efforts to stamp out money laundering and the financing of terrorism, according to a global financial watchdog.

Bitcoin 'Greatest Gift' to Mankind, Says Former Google Africa CEO

Stafford Masie, general manager of WeWork South Africa and former chief of Google Africa, believes bitcoin, more than any other technology, has the ability to permanently change the world for the good.

Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Are Too Volatile to Store Value, G7 Says

The Group of Seven (G7) nations said on Friday that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin were unsuitable for global payments systems but stablecoins, while not yet certain to be stable, may be better suited.

U.S. Senator Backs Libra Association Member Despite Departures From Project

Amid the chorus of US government representatives condemning Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project there has emerged from South Dakota a Senator actively backing digital currencies, warning the US risks falling behind in innovative ideas by stifling Libra and other crypto projects.

European Airport Found to Be Riddled With Crypto Mining Malware

Cyber Security firm Cyberbit revealed in a blog post that its software uncovered a large cryptocurrency mining infection in a European international airport.

US Fed Looking Into Issuing a Digital Dollar, Top Official Says

The US central bank is considering the issuance of a digital currency, according to one of its top officials, as concerns grow over the potential impact of rival national cryptocurrencies or corporate alternatives such as Facebook's Libra.

Facebook's Libra Is 'Absolutely Not' in Jeopardy for Losing Members, Says David Marcus

Facebook's head of the Libra Project said that while development of the cryptocurrency venture would get tougher, it was "absolutely not" in jeopardy despite the departures of several key backers.

Nexo Founder Says He Would Onboard Libra for Loans and Payments

Antoni Trenchev, co-founder of NexoBank, said he still believed in the "value proposition" of the Libra project and that his company would integrate it into its loans and payments processes.

EY Launches Blockchain-Powered Public Finance Management Tool

EY, the business services firm formerly known as Ernst & Young, has launched a blockchain-based application to help global governments improve their management of public funds.

Former CFTC Chief Says U.S. Should Create an Independent Digital Dollar

A former head of one the top US market regulatory bodies believes the government must create a digital dollar to help spread monetary risk away from central banks.

Record Inflows for Grayscale Cryptoasset Funds During Third Quarter

In Q3 2019, digital asset manager Grayscale Investments saw the strongest demand for its products in the third quarter since the firm's inception.

Ether Locked Into DeFi Hits a Record of 3 Million ETH

The total value of ether locked into decentralized finance (DeFi) dApps has passed 3 million ETH ($552 million) for the first time, according to data on DeFi Pulse.

Libra Has Been a Catalyst for Central Bank Reform, Says Swedish Central Bank Governor

The governor of Sweden's central bank said on Tuesday that the emergence of the Facebook-led corporate cryptocurrency project Libra has been a wake-up call for global monetary authorities.

Grayscale Receives FINRA Approval for Digital Large Cap Fund Listing

Grayscale investments has been given the go-ahead from the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to launch an exchange-listed security backed by a basket of digital assets.

Bitcoin Still the Currency of the Dark Web Despite Shift Towards Privacy Coins

Bitcoin remains the currency of the dark web, according to the latest report on cybercrime by European law enforcement agency Europol, although a "pronounced" shift towards more privacy-related cryptocurrencies has been detected.

Treasury Secreatary: Libra Association Weakens Due to Failure to Meet Regulations

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Monday that the Libra Association was crumbling because it is failing to meet regulatory standards, and played down the role of recent warnings from members of Congress.

Ripple Leads Investment in Mexico's Bitso Exchange to Develop LatAm Markets

Mexico-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitso has raised capital from a number of major investors including Ripple, Coinbase, and Jump Capital to help it expand into Latin America.

Singaporean Man Charged for Mining Cryptocurrency Using Stolen Cloud Computing Power

A Singaporean man faces a 34-year jail sentence after being charged for running a cryptocurrency mining operation using stolen identity data to gain access to cloud computing services.

OpenLibra 'Members' Deny Involvement in Project After Devcon Announcement

OpenLibra - the permissionless fork of Facebook's Libra stablecoin project, unveiled at Devcon on Wednesday - has misrepresented the organizations involved, according to a report from Coindesk.

Unstoppable Launches .Crypto Domains to Promote Use of Digital Assets

Unstoppable Domains, the blockchain domains maker backed by venture capital group Draper Associates, has launched a domain registry aimed to promote the use of cryptocurrency.

Cash-Poor Litecoin Foundation Counting on the Upcoming Summit for Additional Funds

Litecoin Foundation, the not-for-profit organisation with the aim of promoting litecoin and blockchain technology, is running out of money and will be looking to boost its sales of merchandise at its upcoming summit this month.

Wallet Provider BRD Announces Strategic Partnership With Ripple

BRD, the provider of cryptocurrency mobile wallet services, announced on Friday it has entered a strategic partnership with Ripple's developer incubator Xpring.

Sweden's Enforcement Agency to Auction 4.59 Bitcoin

Kronofodgen, Sweden's Enforcement Agency is to sell 4.59 bitcoin - worth about $38,234 on Friday afternoon - in an online auction that begins on Friday, according to Swedish news website

BitGo to Provide Custodial Services to Europe's Largest Crypto Exchange

BitGo, the California-based digital wallet company, is to expand its relationship with Bitstamp by providing custodial services to Bitstamp, Europe's oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volumes.

Aphelion Announces it is Shutting Down its Non-Custodial Exchange

Aphelion, the Neo blockchain-powered peer-to-peer trading platform, announced it was closing its non-custodial exchange, saying that market forces had taken too heavy a toll.

Vodafone Reiterates Support for Libra but Calls for Independent CEO

As commercial support for the Libra cryptocurrency project appears to be wavering, British mobile telecoms group Vodafone has reiterated its support, but with caveats.

Senators Advise Payments Companies to Reconsider Libra Membership

US lawmakers are piling the pressure on Libra Association members to think again about their affiliation with Facebook in its project to launch a corporate cryptocurrency next year.

Ledger Wallet to Incorporate Atomic Swaps Using SWFT Protocol

Ledger, the hardware cryptoasset wallet producer, is to integrate cryptocurrency atomic swaps to its platform utilizing the SWFT cross-blockchain transfer protocol.

Class Action Filed Against Nano Over Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Law firms Silver Miller and Levi Korsinsky have filed a class action lawsuit with the district court of Northern California against the promoters of the Nano cryptocurrency, alleging fraud and misrepresentation.

Bitwise Head of Research Optimistic That SEC Will Approve Bitcoin ETF

Investors will know on Monday, October 14 whether the US markets regulator will grant approval for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), and the chief executive of Bitwise Investments is confident his company's product will get the go-ahead.

Algo Capital CTO Resigns Following $1-2 million Hot Wallet Breach

Following the theft of somewhere between $1-2 million in Tether and Algo tokens from the hot wallet of venture capital firm Algo Capital, the chief technology officer (CTO) who administered the wallet has fallen on his sword.

Bitfinex and Tether Face Class Action Filed by Lawyers Who Sued Craig Wright

Lawyers who successfully sued Craig Wright for billions of dollars in bitcoin are going after crypto exchange Bitfinex and its affiliated dollar-backed stablecoin Tether - both already facing existing legal claims.

UK's Financial Regulator Widens Scrutiny of Crypto Industry

Britain's financial watchdog has significantly widened its scrutiny of the cryptocurrency industry this year, as the number of companies being investigated has risen by 74%.

John McAfee Launches Decentralized Distributed Crypto Exchange

John McAfee, the US security software entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast, announced he had launched a decentralized crypto exchange on the Ethereum blockchain.

IKEA Accepts Supply Chain Transaction via the Ethereum Blockchain

Nordic retailer IKEA has accecpted payment in digital currency using the Ethereum blockchain to settle a transaction with Nordic Store, a local retailer, at its Reykjavik, Iceland branch.

Malware Costing Just $160 Attempts Crypto Theft from 72,000 Devices

Researchers believe a malware botnet that costs just $160 has interacted with potentially 2,000 machines per week in attempts at stealing crypto wallets and personal information.

$1.2 Million Seized From Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Remain Stuck in Frozen Indian Bank Account

Cryptocurrency worth $1.2 million that was seized from a ponzi scheme by Indian police can't be accessed and returned to bewildered investors because Indian banking laws prohibit the handling of virtual currencies.

Apple's Tim Cook Says 'No' to Libra-Style Corporate Currency

Apple, it appears, will not be going down the Facebook route and launching its own cryptocurrency - at least while Tim Cook remains at the helm of the iPhone manufacturer.

Security Flaw Discovered That Could've Wiped Out $7 Million in Dai Collateral

A security flaw discovered in the upcoming Multi-Collateral Dai system being developed by stablecoin organization MakerDAO could have resulted in the loss of assets that back the digital token.

Venezuelan Petro Supported by Credit Card and Point-of-Sale System

Venezuela has developed further backing for its national cryptocurrency by releasing a debit card and point-of-sale system that will accept the petro in card transactions.

Parity Announces App Update That Turns Old Cellphones into Crypto Wallets

Parity Technologies, the open-source blockchain infrastructure company, has released a new version of its Parity Signer software that enables users to turn their old mobile phones into offline crypto wallets.

Fed Requested by Congress to Consider Developing a Digital Dollar

US Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell has been asked by two Congressmen to consider developing a national digital currency.

Innosilicon Denies Reports of $10 Million Fire Damage at Mining Farm

Reports that a video and photographs showing a large cryptocurrency mining farm burning down was a facility owned by Innosilicon has been denied by the China-based company.

Marcus Soothes Nerves After Reports of Partners' Cold Feet Over Libra

David Marcus, the Facebook executive heading the Libra cryptocurrency project, has taken to Twitter to ease tensions after reports some key members of the Association backing the project are getting cold feet.

TRON CEO Justin Sun to Endorse Basketball Star's Sneakers

Tech entrepreneur Justin Sun will be sponsoring the shoes of Basketball star Spencer Dinwiddie this season, according to a recent Twitter post by the Brooklyn Nets guard.

Fusion Says $6.4 Million Token Theft Likely an Inside Job

Investigators probing Saturday's theft of cryptocurrency worth around $6.4 million from the Fusion wallet believe the crime may have been an inside job, according to a company blog.

John McAfee and Peter Brandt Predict Bitcoin Rally to $50,000 Despite Recent Losses

IT security software provider and outspoken bitcoin enthusiast John McAfee said on Monday he still believed in a strong, medium-term rally for the top cryptoasset, despite some severe recent losses.

Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Says He Would Rather Have Bananas Than Bitcoin

Mark Cuban, US billionaire investor and television personality, said he would rather have bananas than bitcoin, but that he could "make a great argument for blockchain".

Trading Bitcoin Right Now Is 'Treacherous' Says Fundstrat's Tom Lee

Tom Lee, the co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, said on Thursday that the crypto market was too "treacherous" at the moment for anyone to be actively trading bitcoin.

NEO Becomes a Member of Microsoft's .NET Foundation

Neo, the decentralized open-source blockchain platform, announced it had become the first blockchain focused member of Microsoft's .NET Foundation.

ABN AMRO in Money Laundering Probe Just Months After Calling Bitcoin 'Too Risky'

Dutch bank ABN AMRO disclosed it had become embroiled in a money laundering scandal just four months after abandoning plans to launch a bitcoin wallet because of the regulatory risks.

Number of Bitcoin Lightning Network Nodes Hits Record 10,000

Nodes on the Bitcoin Lightning Network have rised above 10,000 for the first time according to data site

Libra is a 'Wake-Up Call' for Policy Makers,ECB Board Member Says

Facebook's Libra is a "wake-up call" for policy makers and will require significant work before approval can be granted, according to a top European central banker.

Concern for Bitcoin on 'Fear & Greed Index' May Point to Buy Signal

As bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices fell on Thursday investors were asking themselves: first, why the market had tumbled so sharply and, second, do such hefty falls justify renewed buying?

Heavy Losses in Crypto Market Lift Tether to No.4 by Market Cap

Heavy losses on cryptocurrency exchanges on Wednesday helped stablecoin tether to jump ahead of bitcoin cash to claim fourth position in the crypto rankings by market capitalisation.

UK Police to Auction Seized Bitcoin Worth More Than $600,000

Cryptocurrencies worth more than £500,000 ($600,000) that were seized in UK police operation are to be auctioned on Wednesday, according to an announcement by Ireland-based Wilsons Auctions.

'Bitcoin Profit' Scam Uses Fake Celebrity Endorsements to Promise 4,000% ROI

Scammers are using fake news, fabricated celebrity endorsements and the lure of "easy" profit from bitcoin investment to defraud Australian citizens.

China's Central Bank Denies November Launch for Digital Currency

China's central bank has denied claims that it will launch its own cryptocurrency in November according to an official statement seen by local news provider Global Times.

IBM Open to Partner With Facebook on Blockchain and Digital Projects

IBM has revealed it is prepared to work with Facebook on blockchain and tokenization projects but didn't explicitly suggest it would join the consortium of companies known as the Libra Association.

Facebook Announces the Currencies Included in the Libra Basket

Facebook has revealed the breakdown of global currencies that will back the Libra cryptocurrency and China's yuan will not be among them.

Are Cryptocurrencies Backed by Gold Really Worth it?

The idea of gold-backed cryptocurrencies preceded bitcoin but it wasn't until the advent of blockchain that a secure management and accounting system was available to scrutinise transactions.

Russian Ice Hockey Player Accused of $800,000 Bitcoin Fraud

Igor Musatov, a former Russian professional ice hockey player, has been arrested in Moscow accused of defrauding the chief executive of an IT company out of 45 million roubles ($800,000).

Binance Margin Borrowing Passes $100 Million Mark Since July

Since Malta-based crypto exchange Binance first offered lending in July, as much as $100 million in digital assets have been borrowed, the company announced in a Twitter post.

Bitcoin to Hit $20,000 Says BitMEX CEO After Fed Pumps $128 Billion Into Market

Bitcoin's role as "digital gold" is about to be tested again after the Federal Reserve pumped $128 billion into markets during Tuesday and Wednesday in its first emergency liquidity actions since the financial crisis of 2008.

SEC Says Tighter Regulation Needed Before Bitcoin Can List on Major Exchange

Bitcoin must be more tightly regulated before it can be traded on major exchanges the head of the top US market watchdog said on Thursday.

0x Outperforms With a 30% Jump During September

ZRX, the native digital token of the 0x network, has risen by more than 30% this month as technical trading patterns resulted in buy signals for the cryptocurrency.

Cash Remains King in Crypto-Cautious Society, ING Survey Finds

While consumers have more choice than ever before in how they save, store and spend their money, cash remains king for the foreseeable future, according to a report published on Wednesday.

Deloitte Luxembourg to Trial Bitcoin Payments for Staff Lunches

Deloitte, one of the so-called "Big Four" audit and consulting firms is to allow its staff to pay for their lunch in bitcoin, the Luxembourg Times reported on Tuesday.

Bitcoin Volatility Falls to a Four-Month Low as Prices Flatten

Bitcoin volatility has fallen to its lowest level in more than four months as prices have settled since June's price peak.

Bitcoin Hashrate Hits New Record as New ASIC Miners Brought Online

Bitcoin's hashrate - the computing power dedicated to mining the world's biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization - hit another record high as thousands of new miners came on line in the last few months.

Bitcoin's Haven Status Tested by Attack on Saudi Oil Plant

Crude oil prices shot 10% higher on Monday in response to drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil infrastructure this weekend. Gold and other haven assets responded with gains as the prospect of conflict in the Middle East increased, and left bitcoin investors the decision whether or not the cryptocurrency represents a safe store of value in times of turmoil.

Bar Set High for Libra as Global Regulators Meet in Basel

Top officials from global regulators and central banks met with crypto-industry figures in Basel, Switzerland on Monday to discuss issues posed by "stablecoin" initiatives backed by financial institutions and large tech companies.

'Dream Network' Manipulated Reddit Posts to Promote Crypto Projects, Investigation Finds

Reddit, the social media and web content and news aggregator, has published the results of an investigation into the manipulation of cryptocurrency sentiment and statistics.

Wealthy Millennials Are Investing in Cryptocurrency, Research Shows

Cryptocurrencies are among the newest assets and new research shows it is the youngest generation of investors that has the best understanding of the sector.

Crypto Bull Tom Lee Predicts Stock Market Boost for Bitcoin

Tom Lee, bitcoin bull and chief executive of global market strategy advisor Fundstrat, believes bitcoin will rally in coming months, driven by a breakout in the equity market.

Kakao to List Its Klay Cryptocurrency on Upbit in Singapore and Indonesia

Klay, the native cryptocurrency of South Korean messaging group Kakao's Klaytn blockchain will make its debut listing on the Upbit exchange.

Venezuelans Offered Registration for Petro Crypto-Wallet

State-owned Bank of Venezuela, the country's largest financial institution, has launched the registration process for the wallet that will allow citizens to deposit and spend the state-backed petro cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Logo to Appear on Sleeve of Premier League's Watford FC Shirts

Bitcoin is to become one of the kit sponsors of Premiership football team Watford FC, with the cryptocurrency's symbol appearing on the shirtsleeve.

Binance Futures Trading Platform Goes Live

Binance Futures, the cryptoasset derivatives trading platform offered by Malta-based exchange Binance, exits beta-access mode to go live on Friday, September 13.

Probe Launched Into Alleged Japanese University Crypto Embezzlement

Japanese tax authorities are investigating an Osaka-based educational institution over missing funds that were allegedly used to buy cryptocurrency, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Tom Lee's Bitcoin Misery Index Predicts a BTC Bounce

Bitcoin could be on the bounce in the weeks to come, according to a technical indicator called the Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) and its creator - Fundstrat's Tom Lee, a bitcoin enthusiast.

CasperLabs Raises $14.5 Million in Series A Funding

CasperLabs, the blockchain startup that aims to scale up the Ethereum network, has received $14.5 million in Series A funding to help speed up product development, according to an announcement on Tuesday.

R&B Star Akon Bullish on Bitcoin vs 'Military-Backed' Dollar

The US R&B music scene has just spawned another bitcoin enthusiast after Grammy Award-winning music artist Akon aired his bullish views on the cryptocurrency in a radio broadcast on Monday.

Bitcoin's Price Correlates Strongly With Exchange Flows, Data Shows

The relationship between the price of bitcoin and volume flows into and out of exchanges has become much more apparent in the past three months, according to research by Delphi Digital.

Wesley Snipes to Tokenize $25 Million Movie Production Fund

Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes is to tokenize a $25 million fund for investment in movie and television projects, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported on Monday.

Head of MIT Crypto Facility Resigns Over Epstein Donations

Joichi Ito has resigned as head of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) after the New Yorker revealed that he and other staff at the facility which includes blockchain research concealed financial contributions from Jeffery Epstein.

Catalonia to Launch Blockchain-Powered Identity Platform

The government of Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain, announced at the weekend it was to develop a decentralized identity platform, built on blockchain technology.

Norwegian Crypto-Investor Victim of Shotgun Robbery Attempt

Cybercrime is the most likely form of attack on the holdings of cryptoasset investors, but the disturbing case of an attempted shotgun robbery in Norway, reported on Sunday, highlights the danger of physical attacks.

Back to School Warning Against Malicious Crypto Miners

Kaspersky Labs, the cyber security firm, has warned as students go back to schools and colleges for the new academic year that computer viruses are becoming more prevalent when downloading work and study-related materials.

Fireblocks Security Platform Adds Support to Five More Exchanges

Fireblocks, the cybersecurity company that provides protection for digital assets in transit, announced it was to give support to five new exchanges, bringing the total number of trading venues under its umbrella to 20.

PBoC Official Says China's Digital Currency Will be Similar to Libra

An official at the People's Bank of China has said that the country's central bank issued digital currency (CBDC) will be similar to Facebook's Libra.

Gemini Expands Institutional Offerings With OTC Clearing Service

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange and custodian service co-founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, announced the launch of Gemini Clearing, a trade settlement service for off-exchange and over-the-counter cryptocurrency transactions.

Binance Launches Campaign to Help Victims of Hurricane Dorian

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the launch of a fundraising campaign to help the victims of Hurrican Dorian.

Japan's LINE Granted License to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange

Japanese messaging company LINE has been granted a license by the country's financial regulator to launch a domestic cryptocurrency exchange.

Bahamian Blockchain Company Sets up Crypto Fund for Hurricane Dorian Victims

PO8, a marine archaeology company that uses blockchain to attract investors, is leading efforts to rally the cryptocurrency community behind its appeal for the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the The Bahamas.

Dorsey Says Crypto Mass Adoption Will Transform Square's Business Model

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chief executive of online payments company Square said the company will transform to provide a wide range of internet services as cryptocurrency adoption expands.

Burundi Bans All Cryptocurrencies to Protect Consumers

The Republic of Burundi, a central African country squeezed between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania, has banned all cryptocurrency activity within the state.

Bitcoin Goes For Gold as Brexit and Trade Turmoil Punish Markets

Britain's unruly withdrawal from the European Union and the political dissolution that has been wreaked in its wake doesn't appear likely to be unravelled any time soon and bitcoin investors are among the best placed to benefit from this political turmoil.

Coincheck Exchange to Launch Points-For-Crypto System

Coincheck, the crptocurrency exchange, and Macromill, the market research group, are jointly launching the "Coincheck Survey" service that offers users reward points that they can exchange for digital assets.

Ripple Appoints Washington Lawyer to Manage Government Relations

Ripple, the technology and blockchain engineering group behind the XRP cryptocurrency, has hired a former political advisor to improve its lobbying efforts in Washington DC. to Raise $50 million for Venture Capital Fund, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency wallet provider which already boasts Goolge and Sir Richard Branson as backers, is to raise a further $50 million to start a venture capital fund.

Bitcoin Miners Breathe New Life into Siberia's Industrial Cities

A surplus of cheap hydroelectricity is the cryptocurrency miner's dream, and nowhere is this more abundant than in the former Soviet industrial powerhouse cities of Eastern Siberia.

South Korea's Kakao Muses Over Domestic or China Listing for its Klay Token

South Korean conglomerate Kakao is reportedly considering between two exchanges - one Chinese, one Korean - upon which to list its 'klay' cryptocurrency.

VanEck and SolidX Launch Institutional Bitcoin Product Within SEC Rules

Two financial firms that have previously had efforts to issue a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) blocked by US regulators are to launch a similar, but more limited, option this week.

Bitcoin Co Exchange Abruptly Announces Closure After Five Years Running

Thailand-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Co announced on Monday it was shutting down after just five years in operation.

ECB's Mersch Warns of the 'Siren Call' of Facebook's Libra

Yves Mersch, a member of the executive board of the European Central Bank, on Monday said that cryptocurrencies were an "aberration with no solid foundation in human experience" and warned European citizens not to fall for the "siren call" of Facebook's Libra project.

Telegram's Cryptocurrency Launch Looks 'a Little Scammy' Trader Tone Vays Says

While popular messaging app Telegram is preparing to launch its GRAM cryptocurrency and the wallets that will store them in October, Tone Vays - a widely-followed crypto investor and analyst says he won't be investing in this one.

Adreessen Horowitz Held Regulatory Summit One Month Before Libra Project Was Announced

Blockchain and cryptocurrency venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz has hosted a group of Washington DC-based government and regulatory officials in San Francisco, aiming to promote the benefits of the emerging technologies.

BtcTurk Exchange Signs Super-League Football Sponsorship Deal

BtcTurk, the top cryptocurrency exchange in Turkey, has signed a sponsorship deal with Super League club Yeni Malatyaspor in a deal that may be worth as much as TRY7.5 million ($1.29 million).

This Key Market Measure Shows Bitcoin Is Dominating the Cryptocurrency Market

Every day bitcoin is getting stronger. Maybe this hasn't been reflected in the price for a while as it languishes 30% below its 2019 peak, but against its rivals it is vastly outperforming.

Tidal Energy Brings Crypto to UK's Most Deprived Village

Artist Maël Hénaff has delivered a novel approach to the problem of unemployment in one of Britain's worst affected areas - utilizing the very technologies that is putting many of the area's population out of work.

McAfee Report Warns of Ransomware Resurgence as Crypto Mining Malware Rises 29%

Miners were among the worst hit in the cryptoasset industry by cyber crime in the first quarter this year according to the latest "Threats" report by McAfee Labs.

Bitcoin Miner Hut 8 Reports Record Second Quarter Profits

Hut 8, one of the world's largest public-listed bitcoin mining companies, announced record earnings during its second quarter as crypto prices rose to 18-month highs.

Lightning Network Coding Engineer Spots Security Issues on It

Lightning Network, a second-layer scaling solution built on top of the Bitcoin Network, has been found during its testing phase to have security vulnerabilities.

Keiser Sees Bitcoin's Dominance Flushing Ether Down to $90

Max Keiser, the US economist, broadcaster and cryptocurrency enthusiast, believes ether could be heading for a near halving in its value as rival bitcoin's dominance of the digital asset market increases.

Binance Expands Margin Trading Offering With NEO and Monero

Binance, the global cryptoasset exchange headquartered in Malta, announced on Thursday its margin trading platform had added NEO and monero (XMR) to its list of tradeable assets.

UN Official Says Cryptocurrenies Hamper Efforts to Fight Crime

A United Nations official said on Thursday that cryptocurrencies had made efforts to fight cyber crime much more difficult by adding a new level of secrecy that favours the criminals.

Coinbase Report Shows More Than Half of Top Universities Have Crypto Classes

Student interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain is on the rise and the world's top educational establishments are responding with an increasing number of courses devoted these disciplines.

Binance X Platform Launched to Drive Mass Cryptocurrency Adoption

Top crypto exchange Binance has announced the launch of a platform it hopes will bring greater public engagement with cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology that underpins them.

Cryptocurrencies See Rising Popularity as Payment Among Merchants

Facebook's announcement in June that it was muscling in on the cryptocurrency sector echoes with mounting evidence that the sector is being seen as a store of value, driving strong growth in retail usage of digital tokens.

Telegram Will Reportedly Launch Its Cryptocurrency by October 31

Encrypted messaging app Telegram is to push ahead with the launch of the "gram" cryptocurrency despite abandoning an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2018, according to a report by the New York Times.

Binance to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Futures Trading Platform in September

Binance, the world's second-largest crpytocurrency exchange by trading volume, has announced it is to launch a derivatives trading platform as early as next month.

Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse Defends XRP Selling

Brad Garlinghouse, chief executive of Ripple, has responded on Twitter to criticisms that the company has been selling down XRP tokens on the market and crashing the price.

Project Libra Launches Public Bug Bounty Testing

While global governments, central bank and regulators continue to hash out their proposed responses to the Libra cryptocurrency project, Facebook and its partners are quietly moving ahead with their preparations for launch.

CoinFlex Raises $10 Million in Funding for Growth Plans

CoinFlex, the Hong Kong-based cryptoasset futures exchange, announced it had closed a further round of financing last week, raising $10 million from several crypto and blockchain investors.

Winklevoss' Gemini Joins Silvergate Exchange Network

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has joined the Silvergate Bank's payments network, the company announced on a blog post on Tuesday.

Craig Wright Ordered to Pay Kleiman 50% of Jointly-Mined Bitcoin

Craig Wright, self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, looks likely to be ordered by a Florida court to hand over millions of dollars in bitcoin and intellectual property rights.

Over 2000 Cryptocurrency Investors Sign Petition Asking Ripple to Stop Selling XRP

More than 2,000 people have signed an online petition calling on Ripple to stop issuing so many of its XRP tokens, which they believe is behind the cryptocurrency's poor price performance since the end of June.

Bitcoin Usage Dominated by Investment, Says Luno CEO

Marcus Swanepoel, chief executive of London-based cryptoasset intermediary Luno, said on Monday he believed nine out ten people who use bitcoin are using it for trading and speculation rather than payments.

50% of Bitcoin Wealth Held by Just 1,800 Wallets

The distribution of bitcoin and cryptocurrency wealth is more concentrated than global wealth - and always has been - according to new research.

Brazilian Investor Buys 28 BTC With 30% Discount on Facebook

A Brazilian crypto consultant has reportedly completed a sale of 28 bitcoins at a 30% discount on Facebook, in a move made possible by alarm bells ringing regarding a local cryptocurrency investment platform.

23 Texas Towns Hit by Coordinated Ransomware Attack

Texas has become the latest state to be hit by a co-ordinated ransomware attack, with 23 municipalities being hit by hackers demanding cash.

BitPay Blocks $100,000 Bitcoin Donation to Amazon Rainforest Charity

Crypto payments company BitPay has refused to honour a large donation to a non-profit environmental organisation that is working to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Caught on Camera: Thieves Steal Bitcoin ATM From DC Mall

Two thieves were seen on security cameras in a US shopping mall stealing a bitcoin automated teller machine (ATM) and loading it in their van.

Libra Association Members Consider Quitting Due to Government Pressure

Three founding members of the Libra Association, the cryptocurrency project announced by Facebook earlier this year, are considering withdrawing from the group following government and regulatory opposition.

Bitcoin is Considered as Property by English Business Court

Bitcoin has been deemed to be legal property by a British court as an asset preservation order (APO) was issued to protect bitcoins stolen from a crypto fund.

20% of Turks Use or Own Cryptocurrencies, Report Says

A survey by a German data firm suggests that Turkey is one of the world's biggest adopters of cryptocurrencies despite the country having no legal framework for trading such assets.

Bitcoin's Market Dominance Is of Over 90% When Measured by Liquidity, Research Suggests

Simple analysis of the cryptocurrency market may be vastly underestimating the dominance of bitcoin, according to recent research by Arcane Crypto and reported on its Kryptografen blog.

Cryptopia Liquidators Seeking to Reconcile Exchange's Customer Accounts 'One-by-One'

Liquidators administering the demise of Cryptopia, the New Zealand-based digital asset exchange, said they were making "good progress", but reconciliation of customer funds would still take some time.

Central Bank Easing Helps Drive Demand for Cryptocurrencies, Says FT Reporter

Cryptoasset enthusiasts who have long argued that the decentralized nature of the asset class makes it a pure supply and demand play - immune from the vagaries of the economy, central banks and markets - may have to rethink their investment approach.

Think Twice Before Agreeing to Cryptocurrency Salary Payments

As an increasing number of employees choose to receive portions of their salary in cryptocurrency, a risky strategy given the volatility of the digital asset classes.

Booking Holdings CEO Sees Potential for Crypto to Become Future of Payments

Glenn Fogel, chief executive of Booking Holdings, the travel accommodation services company, believes blockchain-based cryptocurries will be the future of payments systems.

tZERO to Add Ravencoin to its Wallet and Trading App

TZero, the blockchain technology providing subsidiary of online retailer, has announced the addition of ravencoin (RVN) to the list of cryptoassets supported by its crypto-wallet and trading app.

U.S. Secretary of State Believes Crypto Should Be Regulated Like All Electronic Transactions

Michael Pompeo, US Secretary of State and one of President Trump's closest advisers, suggested on Tuesday that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be regulated in the same manner as electronic payments.

Winklevoss Twins 'In Talks' to Join Libra Association

Little more than a decade after their $65 Million settlement with Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are thinking of teaming up with their old enemy as part of the Libra Association.

Israel Bitcoin Association Petitions Banks to Reveal Crypto Policy

A number of Israel's bitcoin traders have already filed lawsuits against the country's banks and on Monday traders lodged a formal petition demanding that the financial industry explains its cryptoasset policy.

Crypto Exchange Startup INX Aims to Raise $130 Million in US IPO

Cryptoasset exchange startup INX Limited said on Monday it was aiming to raise up to $130 million in an initial public offering (IPO) in the US.

Silvergate Bank to Offer Institutional Crypto-Backed Loans

Silvergate Bank, one of the financial service providers of choice for the cryptoasset industry, has said it plans to add crypto-lending to its array of services.

BBC Reporter Describes How Hackers Stole $30,000 of His Cryptocurrency

After years of vacillation over whether to invest in cryptoassets, BBC business technology journalist Monty Munford decided in mid-2017 to take the plunge, only to have it all stolen by hackers several months later.

China's State Cryptocurrency Will Not be Decentralized

China announced that its state-backed, central bank issued digital currency (CBDC) won't be decentralized and will only partially use a distributed ledger, causing doubts over whether it can be classed as a cryptocurrency.

Judge Says Craig Wright 'Lacks Credibility' in Motion to Abandon Kleiman Lawsuit

The US judge trying the lawsuit brought against Craig Wright by the estate of his late business partner David Kleiman on Thursday denied a request by Wright to have the hearing abandoned.

Bitcoins Worth $351K From 2016 Bitfinex Hack on the Move

A cryptocurrency transaction monitor has revealed further funds stolen from the Bitfinex exchange have recently moved to an unknown wallet.

China Leads on Latest Central Bank Cryptocurrency Projects

China said this week that it is close to launching its central bank digital currency (CBDC) after more than a year's work to put the framework in place to support the digital yuan.

Craig Wright Faces Further Allegations of Document Falsification in Kleiman Case

Further allegations of falsified messages and documents are likely to arise in the Craig Wright bitcoin trial after pre-trial testimony surfaced in a court document this week.

UK Ad Watchdog Upholds Complaints Against 'Misleading' BitMEX Advert

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against crypto-derivatives exchange BitMEX over a bitcoin ad it placed that the regulator believes was misleading.

Safe Haven? Bitcoin Drops as Bond Yield Inversion Signals Economic Downturn

Bond markets have signalled an ominous warning that recession could be on the way but, so far, bitcoin has only responded with losses, indicating it may not be the best haven from global economic uncertainties.

Why Has 'Mr Wonderful' Changed His Mind About Bitcoin?

Millionaire investor Kevin O'Leary has changed his mind on bitcoin. This has been more than apparent from the number of stories online calling him a hypocrite for his new "crypto-crap" views.

Poloniex Announces Trading Fee Refunds to Repay CLAM Flash Crash Losses

Poloniex, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange owned by peer-to-peer payments company Circle, has announced an update on its plans to reimburse investors affected by May's flash crash in the price of the CLAM altcoin.

$2 Billion: North Korean Hackers Hit Crypto Exchanges and SWIFT to Evade UN Sanctions

North Korea may have confirmed the worst fears of cryptocurreny regulators by hacking crypto exchanges and financial institutions in at least 17 countries to fund its nuclear programme.

A Goldman Sachs Trading Desk Sees Buy Signal in Bitcoin's Charts

"Buy bitcoin" is the message from a sales and trading desk at major US investment bank Goldman Sachs, as the world's best-known cryptoasset takes a breather from its summer rally.

Elon Musk Backs Crypto-Friendly Andrew Yang for President in 2020

Influential technology entrepreneur and crypto-enthusiast Elon Musk declared this weekend that he supported the Andrew Yang for President campaign for the 2020 US election.

New Zealand Says Salary Payments in Crypto are Legal and Taxable

Tax authorities in New Zealand are to allow income to be paid in cryptocurrency and have set out new rules on how such payments should be taxed.

India Risks Losing $12.9 Billion if Crypto Ban Is Enacted, Expert Says

India could lose a share of the global digital assets market worth around $12.9 billion if the government presses ahead with a total ban on cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Explains How It Unravelled a Zero-Day Hack

Coinbase, the San Francisco-based exchange, has explained how it discovered and then foiled an attack on its network and averted the potential loss of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies.

15 Nations Pledge System to Fight Cryptoasset Financial Crime

Fifteen countries have outlined plans to develop a system that can closely monitor cryptoasset transactions to help prevent money laundering and other criminal activity.

Grin ASIC Miners Set for Launch Later in August

Cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturers Vidtoo, Innosilicon and Obelisk were slated to be launching a new range of ASIC miners for the Grin cryptocurrency this summer.

European Central Bank to 'Close the Gaps' in Crypto Surveillance

The European Central Bank (ECB) said on Wednesday it aims to overhaul its monitoring of cryptocurrency trading activity by making improvements to both its on- and off-chain surveillance.

Ripple’s Senior VP of Product Talks About xRapid

On Monday (August 5), Asheesh Birla, Senior Vice President of Product at Ripple, talked about xRapid.

eToro Adds Support for Trading Tezos, Upping Its Crypto Listings to 15

UK-based crypto-trading platform and social network eToro has announced it is adding support for Tezos, the 16th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Israelis Unable to Pay Tax on Crypto-Trading Profits as Banks Freeze Up

Israeli tax authorities are missing out on potentially millions of dollars worth of tax income from cryptocurrency investors as local banks will not accept deposits from crypto earnings.

Bitcoin Rally Is an Investment Hedge Against Global Risk, Tom Lee Argues

Bitcoin's latest rally is likely a hedge against global risks as the economic and geopolitical environment darkens, said Fundstrat's Tom Lee on Tuesday.

Iran Announces New Regulations for Cryptoasset Mining

Iran's government introduced new regulations this weekend to manage its approach to digital assets and related activities such as cryptocurrency mining.

Bitcoin´s Computing Power Hits New Record as Mining Activity Grows

The computing energy dedicated to serving the blockchain network surged to a new record during the past two weeks as more than 100,000 new miners powered up.

IBM Launches 'Trust Your Supplier' Blockchain Network

IBM's blockchain team has launched a new supply chain project called Trust Your Supplier (TYS), with several big corporate names already signed up, the company announced on Monday.

Bitcoin Is 'Spectacular' Says Former Brazilian Central Banker

Are central bankers starting to come around to bitcoin? Christine Lagarde, currently chair of the International Monetary Fund and nominee for the presidency of the European Central Bank is an advocate, and now the former governor of Brazil's monetary authority has called the digital asset "spectacular".

Quedex Becomes First Fully-Regulated Crypto-Futures and Options Exchange

Quedex, a trading venue offering digital asset futures and options, has become the first regulated crypto-derivatives exchange after being granted a license to operate in Gibraltar.

Team of RBS Engineers Brings the First Prime Brokerage to Corda Network

A team of former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) blockchain engineers and researchers has launched a platform for the trading and settlement of digital assets in collaboration with a London-based prime brokerage.

FCA Publishes Final Guidance on Cryptoasset Regulation in the UK

UK markets regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on Wednesday published its final guidance on the cryptoasset activities it regulates, following a consultation paper from April.

SEC Seeks Contractor to Run Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes

US markets regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), plans to outsource its blockchain monitoring and compliance data, according to website

EOS Stays on Top as China Publishes Top Crypto Project Rankings

China's Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has released its 13th update of its ranking of global crypto projects, with Eos remaining at the top while two have been added since its previous update in May.

Former Mt. Gox Chief Executive to Face Class Action in Philadelphia

The former chief executive of the now defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox will face a class action lawsuit brought in Philadelphia over the company's collapse in 2014. to Jack up the Speed in Cryptoasset Trading With New Exchange

Cryptocurrency wallet provider announced on Tuesday it was to launch its own exchange that it claims will be faster and more reliable than any currently on offer.

Bitcoin to be the Focus of Square Crypto's Development

The project manager behind payments company Square's cryptocurrency arm has hinted in a Q&A session on Twitter that bitcoin will be the new company's main emphasis as it seeks to develop the sector's ecosystem.

Aximetria Wins Swiss License to Operate Crpto-Payments App

Fintech developer Aximetria announced on Monday it had been granted a license from the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association to act as a financial intermediary.

Braiins Announces New Bitcoin Protocol to Reduce Chances of 51% Attack

While the likelihood of a 51% attack on the Bitcoin network remains slim, growing centralization of the mining process is a rising concern and has prompted several equipment manufacturers to seek a solution.

Australia Exempts Cryptocurrenies From Cash Payment Limit Proposal

Australia's treasury department has carved out new guidelines limiting the size of cash-based currency payments, but cryptocurrencies have been excluded from the draft legislation.

Miller Hedge Fund Rises 46% in H1 Thanks to Bitcoin Rally

A hedge fund managed by veteran investor Bill Miller gained 46% in the first half, thanks partly to the sharp rise in the price of bitcoin during the period.

Eurozone Rate Cuts Will Add Rocket Fuel to Bitcoin Says Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, believes that expected monetary easing by the European Central Bank (ECB) will be "rocket fuel" for bitcoin.

Huawei Chief Executive Says China Should Issue State Cryptocurreny

Ren Zhengfei, the taciturn founder and chief executive of US sanctions-hit Chinese tech firm Huawei, has said that China should issue its own cryptocurrency to rival the planned launch of Libra by Facebook.

Craig Wright's Wife to be Questioned in $10 Billion Kleiman Lawsuit

New legal filings in the Kleiman vs Wright bitcoin trial have requested International Judicial Assistance with the Queen's Bench Division in London to question Craig Wright's wife and two other UK residents.

Coinbase to Temporarily Withdraw UK Faster Payments on July 31

Coinbase has provided further details on its blogsite to what extent its UK customers will be affected by the temporary withdrawal of the Faster Payments Scheme (FPS) for deposits and withdrawals in the UK.

Two US Investors Legally Purchased LEO Tokens Thanks to a Loophole

Two US investors have been able to buy Bitfinex LEO tokens legally, thanks to the participation of a third party and a domicile loophole.

Online Retailer Newegg Expands Bitcoin Payments to 73 Additional Countries

Newegg, the online retailer of computer hardware and other consumer electronics, announced on Wednesday it was to accept payments in bitcoin at an additional 73 country-specific stores.

Norwegian Air to Accept Bitcoin Payments After Exchange Launch

Norwegian Air looks likely to join a growing number of companies that will accept bitcoin as payment for goods and services after the company's co-founders said they were opening a cryptoasset exchange.

Libra Misses Deadline for Response to Swiss Regulator's Concerns

The Libra Association, the controversial cryptocurrency project led by Facebook, has missed its deadline to respond to a request for more information from regulators in the very country it aims to make its home.

Financial Conduct Authority Impersonated in Email Bitcoin Scam

The latest bitcoin scam, reported heavily by Twitter users over the weekend, appears as an email and claims to be from British market regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Central Bank Cryptocurrencies Could Solve Competition Issues EU Says

Digital currencies issued by central banks may help solve competition issues in the cryptoasset market, the European Parliament has said in a study commissioned by the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

Bitcoin's Spring Rally Drives Users to TradingView

A further indication that the price rally in bitcoin over the past three months has been accompanied by a surge active traders was suggested by growth in usage of the Tradingview website.

Generational Shift to Drive Trillions of Dollars into Bitcoin says Grayscale

Grayscale, the digital asset manager which last week revealed its strongest quarterly inflows in a year, believes that a generational shift in investment patterns will drive trillions of dollars into bitcoin in the coming decades.

FINRA Will Continue to Monitor the Crypto Activities of Broker-Dealers

A US regulatory initiative to monitor the cryptocurrency-related activities of the country's brokerages that was due to end this month has been extended for another year.

QuickBit Confirms Security Breach Exposed Details of Over 300,000 Customers

QuickBit, a cryptocurrency exchange listed in Sweden, confirmed on Monday reports of a security breach that left many of its customer records exposed.

Zcash Friendly Ycash Fork Goes Smoothly After Delay

A new cryptocurrency was born on Friday: Ycash was spawned in a so-called "friendly-fork" of Zcash and aspires to "empower local communities to take control over the money they earn, spend and save".

BitMEX Slammed as Roubini Raises the Stakes in War Against Crypto

Every new concept has its critics and there's none so vehemently opposed to cryptocurrencies as New York University academic Nouriel Roubini, who has just taken his most vicious swipe yet at the emerging asset class.

Jim Cramer Tells Facebook to Drop Libra and Buy Square

Jim Cramer, the energetic host of CNBC's Mad Money, advised Facebook on his Thursday night show to drop Libra and buy Square, the San Francisco-based payments company.

Grayscale Digital Asset Manager Sees 84% of Inflows From Institutions

Grayscale, the digital assets fund manager, revealed its strongest quarterly inflows in a year during the second three months of 2019, as 84% of investments in the period came from institutions.

Coinbase Now Requires £1,000 Minimun Deposit for UK Users

Coinbase, the US cryptocurrency exchange, has suddenly announced it no longer supports the UK's Faster Payments Scheme and that it now requires a minimum deposit of £1,000 ($1,240) for British account holders.

French Finance Minister Reiterates Facebook Must Not Create a Sovereign Currency

France's Bruno Le Maire, already an outspoken critic of Facebook's Libra project, took another swipe at the cryptoasset on the sidelines of Wednesday's G7 Finance Ministers summit.

Current Bitcoin Pullback is Healthy, Says Tom Lee

Bitcoin enthusiasts and critics alike have responded strongly on social media to a Tweet sent this week by Fundstrat co-founder Thomas Lee, who said the current bitcoin pullback is healthy.

Canadian Town Agrees to Accept Bitcoin in Property Tax Payments

Bitcoin continues its path to mainstream acceptance this week after trading platform operator Coinberry revealed it is talking to a municipal council about providing cryptocurrency payment services.

Bitpoint Reveals Breakdown of Funds Stolen and Pledges Reimbursement After Hack

Japan's Bitpoint cryptocurrency exchange has published a breakdown of the assets lost in this month's security breach where hackers stole around Y3 billion ($28 million), and has pledged to reimburse customers.

Study Shows How US Adversaries are Weaponizing Cryptoassets

US sanctions can be crippling for those countries that invoke the ire of the world's largest economy, but a new study suggests some could be fighting back by using cryptoassets to sidestep the dominance of the dollar-led global financial system.

South Korea's Shinhan Card Develops Blockchain Payments Network

South Korea's biggest credit card operator, Shinhan Card, announced on Monday it had been granted a domestic patent and was developing a blockchain-powered payments system.

Samsung and Woori Bank Join New South Korean Blockchain Consortium

Samsung Electronics, the global tech giant, along with six other major South Korean companies has formed a consortium to build a blockchain network that enables authentications services.

Veil Crypto-Derivatives Platform to Close Just Six Months After Launching

Crypto-asset derivatives platform Veil is to close just six months after launching the company said in a blog post on Thursday.

Australians Hooked-up to Pay for Groceries With Bitcoin

Independent Grocers of Australia (IGA), a chain of independently-owned supermarkets, has teamed up with TravelbyBit to offer customers the opportunity to pay for goods in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Hackers Steal $32 Million From Japan's Bitpoint Exchange

Bitpoint, a Japanese crypto-asset exchange, has suspended all services after around Y3.5 billion ($32 million) in XRP, bitcoin and other digital currencies was stolen by hackers.

No 'Learning on the Job' For Libra Says Bank of England Governor

Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, warned on Thursday that Facebook and its partners in the Libra Association must be meticulous from the very start of their crypto-asset project.

AntPool Mining Pool Attempts to Mine Rogue Bitcoin Block

A rogue block on the Bitcoin blockchain was identified on Thursday morning, but it remains unclear whether it was a fault in the software, or a more malicious motive.

Brave Crypto-Browser Rolls-Out Ads Viewer Scheme to Android

Brave, the cryptocurrency-powered blockchain web browser, has expanded its Brave Ads rewards system to users on Android devices.

Opera Browser Adds Bitcoin and Tron to its Crypto Wallet

Opera, the Android-based web browser, has added support for Bitcoin and Tron blockchains for its cryptocurrency wallet application, the company announced on its blog on Wednesday.

Facebook Seeks to Ease U.S. Lawmakers' Fears Over Libra

Facebook has told US Congress that its Libra cryptocurrency project will not be built around the need for the company to have access to personal financial information.

LG Applies for Patent to Launch Crypto Wallet App on Mobile Devices

LG, the South Korean technology company, has filed a patent in the US to offer a complete payment system on future models of its smartphones.

Angry Investors Gather as South African Ponzi Scheme Collapses

South Africa's Bitcoin Wallet investment scheme closed down unexpectedly on July 4 and now angry customers who want their money back are being told there's nothing in the pot to pay them with.

New York Attorney General Says Bitfinex and Tether Traded Illegally in NY

The New York Attorney General's Office (NYAG) submitted late on Monday, June 8 evidence which it claims proves Bitfinex and Tether traded in the state for longer than they claimed.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Jumps by Most in Nearly a Year

Bitcoin mining difficulty - the main measure of competition for mining rewards on the Bitcoin network - has had its biggest two-weekly jump in nearly a year.

Indian Police to Receive Cryptocurrency Training in Fight Against Scammers

High-ranking officers in the Indian police are to be given training on cryptocurrencies and blockchain to help them deal with the growth in criminal activity involving digital assets.

Crypto Trading is Illegal in Iran Says Central Banker

An Iranian central banker warned on Monday that trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is illegal in the country.

European Central Bank's Coeure Warns Regulators to Wake Up to The Dangers of Libra

Facebook will not be the last of the US tech giants to enter the financial services industry and regulators must be prepared for the push, European Central Bank board member Benoit Coeure said this weekend.

Craig Wright Accused of Falsifying Documents in Kleiman Case

Craig Wright, an early Bitcoin pioneer who claims to be the cryptocurrency's creator Satoshi Nakamoto, presented what appeared to be fabricated documents in a court hearing this week according trial lawyer Stephen Palley.

Tron's Justin Sun Breaks His Silence Over Ponzi Schemes

Justin Sun, founder of the Tron blockchain project, has responded to accusations that he and his team at Tron were running a ponzi scheme that may have defrauded its victims out of as much as $30 million.

Bank of Japan Voices its Concerns Over Libra Launch

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) has officially joined the debate on Libra - the new cryptocurrency set to be launched next year by Facebook and its partners - saying it must comply with regulations on money-laundering.

Bitcoin Production Consumes More Energy Than Switzerland

Boffins at Cambridge University have published research that estimates Bitcoin consumes more energy than the whole nation of Switzerland. 

Ethereum Top Network for Dapp Development but TRON Sees More Users

Ethereum's blockchain network is home to more decentralized applications (dapps) than any other network, however, rivals such as Tron are seeing more usage, data published on Thursday showed.

Tezos to Provide Blockchain Network for $1bn Pipeline of STOs

Blockchain group Tezos Foundation announced late on Wednesday it was to partner with Brazilian investment bank BTGPactual and Dubai-based asset manager Dalma Capital in a $1 billion security token offerings (STOs) deal.

Cryptocurrencies Are Here to Stay as Libra Adds Legitimacy, Says Circle's Jeremy Allaire

The excitement and international scrutiny that surrounded Facebook's Libra announcement last month suggests that crypto-assets have come of age and are here to stay, said Jeremy Allaire, chief executive of Circle on Wednesday.

Cuba to Study the Use of Cryptocurrency to Boost Economy

Cuba's communist government has said it is studying the potential use of cryptocurrency to help prop up its ailing economy

UK Regulator Seeks Ban on Crypto-Derivatives and ETNs to Retail Investors

UK markets regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has proposed a ban on the sale of crypto-asset derivatives and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) to retail consumers.

Blockchain Startups Raise $822m in H1 as Market Matures

Blockchain startups raised $822 million in the first half of 2019, down from the previous six-month period, but increasing seed funding stage deals hinted at a strong pipeline of entrepreneurial zeal in the market.

Former Ripple Exec Catherine Coley to Steer Binance.US Launch

Former Ripple executive Catherine Coley has been appointed as chief executive of BAM Trading Services, which will operate the soon-to-be-launched Binance.US digital marketplace.

Russian Bank Sberbank to Seek Alternatives to 'Inefficient' Central Bank-Backed Masterchain

Sberbank, Russia's largest lender, is to scale down its participation in Masterchain, a blockchain project led by the country's central bank, calling it "ineffiecient, insecure and slow".

CME Group Reports Record Trading in Bitcoin Futures

CME Group, the Chicago-based derivatives exchange, announced on its Twitter feed at the weekend that daily Bitcoin futures contracts traded on its platform reached a record $1.7 billion on June 26.

G20 Gives Official Support to FATF Crypto-Regulation Guidelines

The Governments of the Group of Twenty (G20) countries - which includes the European Union - have lent support for guidelines on cryptocurrency regulations suggested by money-laundering watchdog the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

FCA Sandbox Graduate Globacap Launches Fully-Regulated Digital Securities Platform

Globacap, a graduate of the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) regulatory sandbox scheme, announced on Monday the launch of a fully-regulated digital securities and administration platform

Goldman Sachs CEO Looking at the Potential of Tokenization

David Solomon, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, has said the investment bank plans to use blockchain and that it is already doing extensive research into tokenization.

Expert Witnesses Called in Craig Wright Contempt Hearing

Craig Wright, the Bitcoin pioneer accused of defrauding his late business partner out of crypto assets and intellectual property, has called three expert witnesses to testify at court hearing later on Friday.

Bitcoin Rally May Have Been Caused by a Tether Pump, Not Facebook's Libra

While many believed Facebook's entry into the cryptocurrency market sparked renewed interest in crypto assets and drove Bitcoin to an 18-month high this month, Tether may also have had a significant impact in the rally.

Overstock's tZERO Unit Launches Wallet and Exchange App

tZERO, the blockchain providing subsidiary of retailer, announced on Thursday its launch of a new digital wallet and exchange app for cryptocurrency trading.

Edward Snowden Reveals He Paid in Bitcoin to Leak Government Secrets

US whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed on Thursday that to avoid detection he had relied on the veiled nature of Bitcoin transactions to pay for the servers he used to leak information to the media in 2013

Singapore Central Bank Adds to the Chorus of Libra Concerns

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has become the latest central bank to voice concerns over Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency and said on Thursday it was in talks with the social network group.

Fed Rate Cuts Will Likely Boost Bitcoin Says Deutsche Bank

The central banks of some of the world's largest economies are about to embark on interest rates cuts and this is likely to play into the hands of Bitcoin investors, says Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid

Bitwise and Amun Launch Zurich-Based Cryptocurrency ETP

Bitwise, the cryptocurrency index provider and asset manager, has teamed up with Swiss fintech company Amun to launch a new exchange-traded product on Switzerland's SIX stock exchange.

Bullish Bitcoin Investors Are Ignoring Institutional Bears

Bitcoin investors remained positive this week, despite data showing that bearish bets on the futures market had increased during the previous week.

Bitcoin ATMs Now Total More Than 5,000 Worldwide

The number of Bitcoin automated transaction machines (ATMs) around the world has passed through the 5,000 mark according to data provided this week by CoinATMRadar.

Bogota Welcomes Satoshi Nakamoto in the Guise of Craig Wright

It's official: Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. In Bogota, at least. He even allowed his Colombian hosts at the Expo-Bitcoin International conference this weekend to introduce him as Satoshi, the enigmatic inventor of Bitcoin. 

Craig Wright Court Ruling Causes Jitters Among Nervy Investors

Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts are getting ever more uncomfortable over the actions of Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of the world's biggest cryptocurrency, and are beginning to fear another major downturn in the BTC price.

Facebook Co-founder Says Regulatory Scrutiny of Libra Must be 'Exhaustive'

Chris Hughes, one of the original five Harvard friends and roommates who co-founded Facebook, has weighed in on the controversial Libra cryptocurrency debate with a scathing critique on corporate ethics

Ebang's Hong Kong IPO Application Expires

Ebang, China's leading maker of bitcoin mining gear, has allowed its application for an initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong to lapse on Friday.

France Urges G7 to Form a Facebook Libra Task Force

France is to establish a G7 task force to research the potential negative impacts of a large, multinational company such as Facebook setting up its own currency.

Coinbase Says Recent Zero-Day Attack Targeted Staff, Not Investors

Coinbase sought to reassure investors on Thursday over concerns that customer accounts may have been targeted in an attack that exploited a recent Firefox zero-day.

Russia Will Not Legalize Facebook's Libra Says Top Official

A top Moscow official has said that Facebook's planned new cryptocurrency Libra will not be legalized Russia, according to a report this week from Russia's state-run news agency TASS.

Line Corp Close to Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange

Line Corp, the Japanese messaging business, is just days away from being granted a domestic license to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange

PwC Launches Software For Auditing Cryptocurrency Transactions

PwC, one of the so-called "Big Four" auditing firms, announced on Wednesday the launch of new software package capable of auditing cryptocurrency transactions

Policymakers to Announce Global Crypto Standards This Week

A group of international financial institutions and regulators have begun talks to discuss the regulatory landscape that will form the G20 countries' policies on cryptocurrencies

Litecoin Foundation to Issue Physical Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Litecoin Foundation announced late on Tuesday that it was to launch a debit card that will enable users to spend their cryptocurrency online or in physical store locations

Critics Weigh in on Facebook's Libra as Roubini Labels it a 'Monopoly Scam'

Arch cryptocurrency critic Nouriel Roubini wasted no time on Tuesday in denouncing Facebook's Libra stablecoin a scam to cream as much profit as possible from the Dow 30 company's billions of users.

Libra Borrows From Bitcoin and Ethereum for a Crypto "Best of all Worlds"

Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, to be launched next year, aims to put into the hands of billions of global customers a stablecoin and wallet payments system that incorporates the tech giant's vast native expertise while building on the best features of existing blockchain protocols.

French Economic Minister Warns Facebook over Libra Cryptocurrency

A minister in France's Finance department has raised concerns about Facebook's entry into the digital currency market demanding guarantees from the tech giant that it must never try to act as a rival to sovereign currencies.