Unstoppable Domains, the blockchain domains maker backed by venture capital group Draper Associates, has launched a domain registry aimed to promote the use of cryptocurrency.

The new registry is called .crypto – built on the Ethereum blockchain – and follows up on .zil which was launched on the Zilliqa blockchain earlier in the year, the company announced on its blog on Friday. The statement described .crypto as a domain registry for the entitre cryptocurrency community, as the firm is looking to build a system “to be used for sending money in any cryptocurrency, for sending in every wallet, and used in every decentralized application,” the statement said. It added:


The current internet is full of gatekeepers who control our behavior, and who lock us in and out of our digital lives. .Crypto was built to give freedom back to users. You decide what to publish and what transactions you engage in on the internet. No company or 3rd party, including Unstoppable Domains, can take away your domain.

Key Dates

Between Friday’s launch and October 21 users who buy a .zil domain – eight characters or more – get the same .crypto domain for free. There are also store credits to use towards additional domains between these dates.

From October 22 to 31, domain credits are available for buyers of .zil. Buyers of .zil domains will also have the option to buy the equivalent .crypto domain at a 50% discount.

.Crypto domains will live on the Ethereum blockchain between November 1 and 7.


Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com