James McKay

News Reporter

James McKay runs a market research consultancy, adding a unique viewpoint to a range of client needs across multiple industries including financial services, consumer goods, and the resource sector. From data-driven products to custom research reports, our expertise is high-level market intelligence that delivers results. Recently James has taken a dive into the cryptoasset space.

Articles by Author

How Institutional Investors Will Enter the Cryptocurrency Markets

With cryptocurrencies yet to break out of their protracted range-bound cycle, the speculation on how these markets will mature continues to build, particularly with regards to institutional investor participation.

Stablecoins: Currencies of the Future or Crypto Stalemate?

Throughout history, there has been an inherent need for peoples and cultures to have a means to store value and exchange goods and services. The first currencies that moved beyond barter systems were primarily in the form of receipts representing commodities stored in central or communal locations, such as grain silos in the temples of ancient Egypt

Can the Crash of 2014 Teach Us About the 2018 Bear Market?

Predicting price action in a fledgling asset class like cryptocurrencies which is still undergoing a series of volatile price discovery corrections is undoubtedly challenging, but performing retrospective fundamental and technical analyses of the factors surrounding the 2014 – 2016 bear cycle can provide clues as to what we can expect going forward from the midst of the current bear market.

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