MakerDAO ($MKR) Price Reaches 16-Month high After Surging Nearly 200% Year-to-Date

The price of MakerDAO’s native token $MKR has been bucking the bearish trend in the cryptocurrency space, having surged nearly 200% so far this year to now trade at a 16-month high above $1,500 per token. According to available market data, the cryptocurrency started the year trading at around $500 after falling from an all-time […]

Crypto Bot Executes $200 Million Flash Loan for $3.24 Profit

An anonymous trader operating a cryptocurrency arbitrage bot has recently executed a flash loan involving $200 million worth of the $DAI stablecoin, in a large transaction that yielded a modest profit of just $3.24 after transaction fees were taken into account. According to data shared by Arkham Intelligence on social media, the $200 million worth […]

Ethereum-based Terra Competitor Maker ($MKR) Jumps amid ‘Major Whale Activity’

An Ethereum-based competitor of the Terra ($LUNA) ecosystem that collapsed earlier this month has been seeing its price surge amid “major whale activity,” as large holders are presumably moving towards it and its decentralized stablecoin. According to data from on-chain analytics firm Santiment, Maker ($MKR) has seen “major whale activity” in the last couple of […]

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