Input Output Global (IOG), responsible for Cardano’s research and development, has released its Cardano weekly development report for the week ending March 31, 2023.

The report highlights the progress made across different aspects of the Cardano ecosystem, demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the blockchain’s functionality and performance.

Core Technology Enhancements

The core technology teams focused on networking, consensus, and node improvements. The system test team refined the test framework and addressed Nightly job failures while evaluating node v.1.35.5 and v.1.35.6 releases. The DB Sync team worked on performance enhancement and introduced new db-sync options.

Wallets and Services Updates

IOG’s Lace desktop development resolved issues related to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) interacting with the DApp browser and enhanced the dark mode UI. The Adrestia team expanded the multi-signature feature with delegation functionality in cardano-wallet and improved performance and memory usage in the DBLayer and cardano-js-sdk.

Smart Contracts Development

The Marlowe team designed a backpressure interface for Marlowe Runtime, documented memory and CPU requirements for deploying Marlowe Runtime components, and developed a basic theory around asset preservation. They also added a download function for a detailed view of Marlowe contracts in Marlowe Explorer and enabled mainnet in marlowe-cli and Marlowe tools.

Basho (Scaling) Progress

The Hydra team demonstrated Hydra heads running on the mainnet during the March monthly review meeting using the hydraw demo application, while the Mithril team prepared the pre-release of distribution 2313.0-prerelease and continued implementing the migration of stores to a relational design.

Governance Updates

IOG invited the Cardano community to review updates to CIP-1694 and contribute to GitHub discussions. A Zoom conversation was held on March 30th to review the CIP-1694 workshop, discuss the proposal, and outline the next steps toward the age of Voltaire.

Cardano Network Stats (To Date)

The development report also included an infographic highlighting various Cardano statistics, such as 119 projects launched on Cardano, 8.06 million native tokens created, 7546 Plutus scripts, 1221 projects building on Cardano, and 63.9 million transactions processed on the network.

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Featured Image via Pixabay