On Thursday (26 January 2023), popular and respected pseudonymous Cardano ($ADA) influencer “ADA whale” (“cardano_whale” on Twitter) said that next week’s launch of interest rate protocol Liqwid is a momentous event for Cardano.

Liqwid is “an open source, algorithmic and non-custodial interest rate protocol built for lenders, borrowers and developers,” with users able to “securely earn interest on deposits and borrow assets with ease while earning yield on ADA from four yield streams.”

Source: Liqwid

Yesterday, the Liqwid team announced that they plan to have their mainnet launch next week:

Earlier today, “ADA Whale” told his over 125K Twitter followers:

The launch of @liqwidfinance is momentous for Cardano. Looking at our trajectory, if we think of 2021-22 as years of dilution (as we had our own mini ICO boom and money left the system), we’re now entering an era of intra-Cardano leverage that imo will lead to a value explosion…

Don’t get triggered by the word leverage lol. Not suggesting we all go full degen, I’m just saying that pretty much the opposite of 21-22 is imo about to happen as 1) value stays within the system and 2) it gets (like in all other crypto ecosystems) a way to multiply itself

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