Matt Hamilton, a former Principal Developer Advocate at major fintech firm Ripple, has said that the XRP Ledger, whose native token is $XRP, “just works” and has been running for nearly a decade now.

Hamilton’s words came during an exchange with another user on the microblogging platform Twitter who defended Bitcoin and its layer-2 scaling solution, the Lightning Network, over the XRP Ledger. The user noted that Bitcoin adoption is rendering “useless” the payments network built on the XRP Ledger and questioned the cryptocurrency’s use case, while Hamilton noted XRP’s use cases are peer-to-peer payments as it was created as a “better Bitcoin.”

In response the user said that with Bitcoin “money is solved” and that “Lightning is instant decentralised bitcoin payments for no cost, hard to improve on that. So whatever XRP is ultimately going to do, it better do it fast.” In response, Hamilton pointed to a failed transaction on the Lightning Network over what he said was a “lack of inbound liquidity.”

Per his words, there is a “fundamental architectural flaw” in the Lightning Network as users have to “hope there is enough liquidity” to route their payments. Another user told Hamilton the payment had actually failed because it was for a transaction that had already been paid.

Hamilton pushed back, saying that while the Lightning Network “only works 95% of the time” the XRP Ledger “just works.”

Ripple’s former Principal Developer Advocate told the user to “just transact your BTC on the XRP Ledger” as it has been working “100% of the time” over the past decade.

It’s worth noting Hamilton is a well-known XRP bull who has also said the XRP Ledger was the “very first DEX [decentralized exchange] and the first blockchain to “allow the tokenization of assets.”

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