In this article, we look at how several important on-chain metrics — that give us an idea of the health of the Cardano network — performed in April 2022.

Please note all the data and charts used in this article come from a Google Data Studio dashboard called “Cardano Blockchain Insights“.

First, the total number of on the Cardano network went up from 8.5%.

Second, the number of $ADA addresses increased from 3,195,821 to 3,298,113, i.e. went up by 3.2%.

Third, the number of native tokens on the Cardano blockchain went from 4,134,394 to 4,598,178, which is an increase of 11.21%.

Finally, it is worth noting that currently (i.e. as of 2:20 p.m. UTC on May 2), the average blockchain load in the past 24-hour period is 75.37%.

In early February, Kraken Intelligence, the research arm of crypto exchange Kraken, released a highly impressive research 42-page report (titled “Cardano: A new generation in smart contract platform design”).

Here are a few key highlights from Kraken’s report:

  • Importantly, Cardano is very much a value-driven project, emphasizing community governance, academic peer-review, and the importance of high assurance programming.
  • Cardano’s values have noticeably directed the project’s developments and design decisions, and as a result, the blockchain looks like it has been designed with the purpose and standards of providing decentralized, global, financial infrastructure rather than only focusing on providing a Web experience.
  • With ambitious goals, Cardano recognizes the necessity for their infrastructure to run correctly the first time it runs. This is in contrast to a ‘launch now, fix as we go’ philosophy employed by many Silicon Valley development teams.
  • … Cardano adopted Haskell in an effort to build a product with unmatched advantages in reliability and security and to position itself as a viable solution for institutional-grade, global financial infrastructure.
  • Cardano saw a massive uptick in adoption starting late 2020 and throughout the course of 2021… Cardano underwent exponential growth in nearly every adoption metric listed, both on-chain and off-chain.”


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