Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed on social media that the company’s supercharging station in Hollywood is set to accept the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin ($DOGE) as a payment method for food and merchandise.

In a tweet the founder of the “first Tesla app store” Tesla Console Ryan Zohoury revealed that Tesla’s new Santa Monica Superchargers had opened and were already full. Responding to Zohoury, Musk noted that he planned a “futuristic diner / drive-in theater” for the Hollywood area, before adding that DOGE will be available as a payment method.

Musk’s tweet initially caused some confusion, with most people thinking that the newly opened Santa Monica Supercharger was accepting payments in the meme-inspired cryptocurrency.  Speaking to a reporter, Zohoury later clarified that DOGE will be a payment method at the Hollywood Supercharger for food and beverages, as well as merchandise.

Tesla has notably been accepting DOGE payments for merchandise on its website, with specific products such as its “cyberwhistle,” its “Giga Texas” belt buckle” and its “cyberquad” four-wheeler for kids being priced in the cryptocurrency.

On Tesla’s Dogecoin support page, the firm notes that customers who send the wrong amount of DOGE to its address may see their orders get canceled, and adds that if an order is overpaid in the cryptocurrency the “overpayment amount will not be refunded to the original form of payment.”

The page also details Tesla “cannot accept payments from multiple wallets for a single order,” and clarifies that once an “order is placed using Dogecoin as the payment method, it can no longer be canceled.”

Musk is a well-known Dogecoin proponent, who along with the cryptocurrency’s co-creator Billy Markus pushed McDonald’s to accept it as a payment method. The fast-food giant reacted jokingly on social media with a “grimacecoin,” but did not add DOGE payments.

Tesla briefly accept bitcoin payments last year after it invested $1.5 billion in the flagship cryptocurrency. The firm dropped BTC as a payment method shortly after over environmental concerns and hasn’t restarted accepting bitcoin since then.


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