On Sunday (October 10), the operator of Berry Pool, the first Cardano stake pool on a Raspberry Pi, who is also the creator of the Nami Wallet, announced that NFT platform SpaceBudz’ smart contract based marketplace has launched.

SpaceBudz is another NFT project that uses the Cardano blockchain. There are 10,000 SpaceBudz in existence and “each astronaut is unique and only owned by you.”

Here are a few examples:

Source: SpaceBudz

Here is how the SpaceBuz team announced this important milestone for Cardano and its ecosystem:

Nami Wallet is “a browser based wallet extension to interact with the Cardano blockchain and is non-custodial.”

Here is what the lead developer of competing Cardano-powered NFT marketplace CNFT had to say about this launch:

And here is the happy buyer of one of the NFTs from the SpaceBudz collection — SpaceBud #8851 — sharing a video clip of the purchase:

According to the SpaceBudz team, address of the Plutus smart contract this marketplace is based on is as follows: addr1wx468s53gytznzs5dt6hmq2kk9vr7xplcpwq4fywa9d7cug7fd0ed

What this means is that this marketplace is fully decentralized and that there is “no 3rd party or middleman involved.”

The bid/offer is “locked in the contract, but you can always cancel the bid/offer and reclaim your funds.” However, “a buyer/seller has of course always the opportunity to accept your bid/offer as long as your funds are in the contract.”

As for fees, “bsides Cardano network fees, the market place charges a 2.4% service fee.


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