Recently, popular New Zealand-based crypto analyst Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark on Twitter) talked about why he is super bullish on Cardano ($ADA).

His comments were made in a video released on his YouTube channel on May 26. Below are a few highlights:

  • I think that we could be in for a bit of a Cardano Summer, so to speak, with loads of new applications launching in anticipation of the smart contract launch on Cardano; so in today’s video I’m going to highlight a couple of those projects…
  • I feel like Cardano and Polkadot are both in this really similar situation right now where there’s this incredible anticipation building up for the launch of really the ecosystems. So with Cardano, we are very very close to those smart contracts on the mainnet.
  • Tech notoriously does have these delays coming, but regardless of whether it’s in August or maybe a little bit late — comes out in September or something — smart contracts are coming, and they’re coming very soon to Cardano. You can see the price building that anticipation in. So, this is going to be a very very big thing for Cardano when it comes.
  • Interesting too that he [i.e. Charles Hoskinson] also said we have also started the Plutus Pioneer Program, where we are training over a thousand developers who expressed interest in writing decentralized applications on Cardano.
  • That is super super interesting since one of the biggest criticisms that people have leveled towards Cardano is ‘well no one’s going to come and code in Haskell’, but here they are. They’re just training the developers… So, a thousand developers ready to build decentralized applications on Cardano and of course people are already building decentralized applications on Cardano. They’re not waiting for a pioneer program to have to do that. So, smart contracts are coming soon for Cardano, which is obviously going to kick off just a revolution in terms of what is possible for Cardano.
  • What we need is those smart contracts to really kick-start the DeFi ecosystem — marketplaces, lending, borrowing, all that stuff you need smart contracts for — and it’s coming very soon.
  • I think that the Cardano’s ERC20 Converter is basically software that allows you to easily convert your tokens from Ethereum tokens to being Cardano tokens. I think that this will be popular with a lot of projects. I think you will see a lot of projects rushing to integrate with Cardano.


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