DataDash founder Nicholas Merten says the current crypto market is shaping up to be the biggest altcoin boom in history. 

Speaking in a recent YouTube video, Merten predicted bitcoin would surge to $50k while altcoins would continue to benefit from bullish behavior, calling it the early innings of the market cycle. 

He highlighted Ampleforth as a potential altcoin for investors to keep an eye on, saying it had the potential to grow into a multi-billion-dollar project over the coming year. 

He said

It’s very realistic to assume that Ampleforth here could go towards being a $1 billion, $2 billion, $5 billion cryptocurrency. At this rate, it’s very very reasonable.

Merten told followers he was bullish on Ampleforth’s competitor Benchmark Protocol, which he said was utilizing innovative features. 

He continued, 

Unlike Ampleforth which just tries to peg itself to the dollar or an inflation-adjusted dollar from 2018, in regards to Benchmark, they’re utilizing things such as the SDR (special drawing rights) as their peg, and for rebasing they’re utilizing volatility measures in the market like the VIX in order to determine whether or not to rebase and provide more of the native currency.

Merten also praised Uniswap and said he was confident in his $50 price target for the altcoin. He highlighted bullish trends for UNI on multiple trading charts, saying “I think we’re going to get a pop here very soon.”

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