Former bitcoin developer and early adopter Martti Malmi says he regrets selling 55,000 bitcoin before 2012, which would be worth billions at today’s prices. 

In a series of tweets published December 18, Malmi lamented selling the 55k BTC he mined on his laptop in 2009 – 2010, with most of the sales occurring before 2012. He called the decision “regretful” in hindsight but noted the community of early bitcoiners were responsible for setting the movement into motion.

Malmi was able to dig up his first transaction of bitcoin to USD, selling more than 5,000 BTC at $5.02 apiece in late 2009.

The former bitcoin developer said he never thought much about making money from bitcoin and instead happened upon it accidentally after BTC’s mysterious founder Satoshi Nakamoto asked him to continue running a network node. 

Malmi said he sold roughly 10,000 BTC in 2011 at a price of $15 – $30 in order to buy a comfortable studio apartment near Helsinki.

Malmi summarized his experience of missing out on being a bitcoin billionaire by saying that while money matters, being rich is not required to live a good life. 

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