Blockchain-based artificial intelligence marketplace SingularityNET has announced a new collaboration with Cardano creator Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). 

According to an announcement made on September 30, SingularityNET has partnered with IOHK and Cardano to improve scaling for artificial intelligence services. 

The update reads, 

The transition of SingularityNET onto modern blockchains such as Cardano is a clear route to achieving scale and speed, and the completion of the fiat-to-crypto gateway will remove the requirement for end-users of SingularityNET-based services to deal with cryptocurrency infrastructure.

The new partnership will center around engineering and the development of AI services on the Cardano blockchain, as both ecosystems enter a period “rapid growth.” The update highlights the shared focus between the two companies on “democratization and decentralization” and a shared culture of development centered on advanced computer science and mathematics. 

Among the planned projects, the announcement outlines a plan to transition SingularityNET’s decentralized protocol from ethereum to cardano. 

The report continues, 

This would involve providing mechanisms for swapping some of the current (Ethereum-based) ERC-20 AGI tokens to Cardano-based AGI tokens, and also creating analogues of the Solidity smart contracts underlying aspects of the SingularityNET platform using Cardano’s new Plutus smart contract language.

In addition to collaboration, SingularityNET said the partnership with Cardano has the potential to provide support for the integration of AI minds in human platforms and progressively increase “intelligence” networks overall. 

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