Former Goldman Sachs manager Raoul Pal said bitcoin is forming “incredibly bullish” patterns and predicted BTC to be the best performing asset in the world over the next 24 months. 

Pal, who co-founded the financial media company Real Vision and serves as CEO for Global Macro Investor, called other assets inferior to the performance and outlook of bitcoin. 

Speaking in an interview on August. 7, Pal claimed the equities market and precious metals failed to live up to the investment hype of bitcoin. 

He said, 

I was starting to have this hunch that almost no trade matters except Bitcoin at this point. Almost everything is an inferior trade to Bitcoin. And so I started testing that hypothesis. Now, I’ve not even written this up yet so people are hearing this for the first time, and I’ve alluded to it on Twitter, but I looked at Bitcoin versus everything.

Pal continued, saying no other asset but ethereum looked capable of rivaling bitcoin in the near and long-term. The former Goldman Sachs exec called bitcoin a “supernova” sucking in everything else around it in terms of performance. 

In a subsequent tweet published August 10, Pal outlined bitcoin’s outlook on trading charts and claimed to be “incredibly bullish” about the crypto-assets long-term performance. 

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