The Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund has announced three new grants this week, at about the same time Square Crypto, a well-known grant distributor, announced a new grant of its own.

As first reported by CoinDesk, Square Crypto has announced a grant to Lloyd Fournier, a bitcoin developer who plans to work on payment channels and BTC’s layer-two scaling solution, the Lightning Network, exploring options comparable to the oracles seen in decentralized finance protocols.

Square Crypto’s grants have been focusing on supporting developers working on the Lightning Network, it’s worth noting, as in December 2019 the firm funded the pseudonymous developer ZmnSCPxj, known for his work on the scaling solution. In June of this year, the firm funded the bitcoin Lightning Network watchtower The Eye of Satoshi, which monitors blockchain transactions to protect users on the network.

The Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund, similarly, sent a grant to Evan Kaloudis, a Lightning Network developer working on Zeus, an app that lets users run a Lightning node on a phone with privacy tools like a VPN or Tor.

The Human Rights Foundation also funded the creator of JoinInbox, known as Openoms, a tool that makes it easier for bitcoiners to transact in a private, decentralized way using a Raspberry Pi to access JoinMarket, a grassroots CoinJoin option.

Finally, the foundation also funded the creator of Fully Noded, a developer who goes by Fontaine, who received a grant to keep on working on a Tor-friendly iOS app to use a bitcoin node on a regular mobile device.

It’s worth pointing out that the Human Rights Foundation’s grants are of one BTC each, which according to CryptoCompare data is trading at $11,570.

Featured image via by André François McKenzie on Unsplash.