Google-owned YouTube has suspended the channel of Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz, just days after the firm launched a lawsuit against it over its failure to stop XRP giveaway scams on its platform.

According to Schwartz, who also goes by “Joel Katz” online, YouTube suspended his channel for impersonation – something the scammers have done to promote fake XRP giveaways, sometimes with hijacked accounts from popular YouTubers.

YouTube can shut down channels that go against its guidelines, under which hate speech, predatory behavior, harassment, and impersonation are forbidden, among other things.  YouTubers aren’t allowed to create new accounts when they’re banned, but are allowed to appeal if they believe there was an error.

David Schwartz’ channel was banned roughly a week after Ripple filed a lawsuit against the video-sharing platform over its failure to stop fake XRP giveaways that saw hackers take over YouTube channels to impersonate Ripple’s executives, including its CEO Brad Garlinghouse, to ask viewers for XRP donations under the guise they would receive a multiplied amount back.

The lawsuit claims Ripple and Garlinghouse continue to suffer “substantial reputational harm” because of YouTube’s failure to take these down. It reads:

Ripple has repeatedly demanded that YouTube take action to stop the Scam and prevent further harm. Yet YouTube refuses, even where the same scheme is replicated time and again on its platform. YouTube’s response has been woefully inadequate and incomplete.

It’s worth noting Schwartz’ channel was active for years before YouTube banned it. It could, however, be YouTube’s automatic algorithm acting up. Late last year, it removed cryptocurrency-related videos as well over alleged policy breaches. The channels were reinstated.

Featured image via Unsplash.