Eccentric cybersecurity expert John McAfee has revealed he will stop promoting individual cryptocurrencies on social media, to focus on his U.S. presidential campaign.

According to McAfee’s tweets, promoting individual cryptocurrencies on social media consumed too much of his time, which he will now be using to focus on his presidential campaign and to promote the cryptocurrency space “on the national stage.”

Responding to users’ concerns regarding his decision, McAfee wrote:

People ask why I am no longer doing Blockchain promotions. It is very time consuming. My Presidential Campaign will be starting in earnest in January and I cannot do both. I am in no way abandoning crypto; only the task of promoting specific projects.

McAfee started promoting cryptocurrencies on social media last year, and it was reported he was charging $105,000 per promotional tweet. One of his first tweets was promoting Verge (XVG) causing its price to surge. The cryptocurrency has, since then, suffered numerous 51% attacks and faced a mining code malfunction, but has also been used by Pornhub as a PayPal alternative.

Responding to a user who claimed McAfee won’t be president of the United States, the eccentric crypto bull claimed he doesn’t want to, but is looking to promote cryptocurrencies at a national level.

McAfee is also well-known in the cryptocurrency space for prediction bitcoin’s price will hit $1 million by the end of 2020, and standing by it throughout last year’s bear market. He has also launched a campaign against crypto exchange HitBTC over its supposedly high withdrawal fees.

Featured image by Kate Trysh on Unsplash.