French cryptocurrency exchange Coinhouse says that it underwent a phishing attack, during which hackers gained access to its client mail distribution database. 

Coinhouse Phishing Scam

According to tweets published to the official Coinhouse account , hackers managed to gain access to the client database containing names and email addresses. The hackers then used this information to begin phishing attacks against users, leading Coinhouse to advise its customers not to click or respond to emails about the exchange. 

Coinhouse hack

Coinhouse crypto hack

Coinhouse says they responded to the hack by immediately switching the platform to a maintenance mode, thereby preventing the hackers from gaining access to user funds. The exchange claims they were able to contain the hack and promptly sent an email to their customer base explaining how to avoid the phishing attack.

However, the exchange acknowledged that users may have already been affected by the hack. They recommended any clients who gave credentials to the scam email to change their identifiers on other websites in order to prevent any further loss. 

Coinhouse french crypto hack

In addition, Coinhouse says they will require all users to change their password when the exchange comes back online. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay