Consensys, an Ethereum development firm founded by the cryptocurrency’s co-founder Joseph Lubin, has joined the Linux Foundation-led blockchain consortium Hyperledger as a premier member.

According to the consortium’s announcement, ConsenSys will work as part of Hyperledger to explore blockchain interoperability and to promote standards that’ll help support “enterprise-grade blockchain environments.”

The startup’s PegaSys protocol engineering group has reportedly submitted its Ethereum client to the consortium as the Hyperledger Besu project. The project, formerly known as Pantheon, looks to provide a platform for the “open development and deployment” of blockchain technology.

Joseph Lubin himself reportedly joined the governing body of Hyperledger. He was quoted as saying:

PegaSys and ConsenSys have been committed to open source software and submitting Hyperledger Besu to Hyperledger demonstrates that commitment. Public networks with tens of thousands of nodes are most appropriate in a world in which we will see the tokenization of many types of assets and resources.

Currently, Hyperledger has over 270 members across several industries, 22 of which are premier members. Brian Behlendorf, the consortium’s executive director, was quoted as saying that the more technologies and members it has working together, the “stronger the foundation we can collectively build for blockchain-based solutions.”

Featured image via Unsplash.