Malta-based CGEX, a cryptocurrency exchange opened by South Korea’s Coinone, will shut down next month following less than one year of operations.

According to a post on the exchange’s website, all services will be terminated from September 18th, 2019 at 2:00 am UTC. After the deadline, all login and access services, support services, and cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal services will no longer be available, with customers urged to withdraw all crypto assets stored on the platform before the deadline.

The notice also states that all personal information including transaction data will be destroyed after the deadline after being stored temporarily in accordance with regulatory obligations.

CGEX Down Since July

The company had announced a temporary suspension scheduled for July 17 two months ago, with the exchange asserting that it would prepare for the launch of “a new trading platform.”

The outage saw all active orders, token trading, and deposit functionality suspended, with CGEX warning that access to its website may result in “minor errors” and that it would “not be held liable for any problems arising” from said errors.

According to the announcement, a new CGEX platform was scheduled to launch during the third quarter of 2019.