Ukraine’s First Futuristic Capsule Hotel Set to Accept Crypto

Ukraine's first futuristic capsule hotel is set to open in Kiev (aka Kyiv) on August 20. And it will be accepting crypto as one of the payment options.

Although capsule hotels have been popular in Asia for decades, Ukraine will see its first high-tech capsule hotel open for business on August 20 in Kiev (the capital of the country).

This branch of the Monotel chain will be known as "Bessarabka" (presumably due to its proximity to the square of the same name in the center of the city; Monotel wants to open additional capsule hotels in Kiev, as well as in other major Ukrainian cities, including Lviv and Odessa.

Here are a couple of photos showing the outside and inside of these capsules/pods:

Monotel Kiev - photo 4.jpeg

Monotel Ukraine - photo 2.png

There are two types of capsules: single ("monocapsule") and double ("couples"). An overnight stay in a monocapsule costs UAH 950 (currently, approximately $37).

However, from our point of view, one of the most interesting things about this capsule hotel chain is that it is going to accept crypto from day one with the help of Paytomat, an Estonian crypto payments processor that has been offering its services to small businesses in Ukraine since 2018.

Earlier today, Paytomat confirmed that they are working with Monotel to allow cryoto payments by sending out the following tweet:

According to Paytomat, Monotel will be accepting over 20 cryptocurrencies:


All Images Courtesy of Monotel