MetaMask, a popular Ethereum wallet interface that lets users manage their ether and ERC-20 tokens, has launched its beta testing phase for mobile.

According to a tweet published by MetaMask’s official account, the wallet ConsenSys developed can now be found on the Google Play store. It was published by “ConsenSys AG.”

The app was announced back in November of last year at DevCon, an Ethereum-focused conference. On the app’s description, MetaMask’s team notes this is an early-stage version of the application released to get community feedback, meaning it’s still “beta software and unstill under active development.”

ConsenSys’ team added that users can expect the app to regularly be updated, before advising users to not store large amounts of ETH on the wallet. The app itself is essentially the wallet’s version for mobile devices, and includes a browser for decentralized applications.

Using the app, users can interact with decentralized applications (dapps) on the Ethereum network, and have various clickable categories to fin the dapps they need. By default, the app’s browser users the privacy-respecting search engine DuckDuckGo.

Notably, MetaMask’s mobile wallet and decentralized application browser already has some competitors offering the same features. Binance’s Trust Wallet, for example, supports dapps on the Ethereum blockchain and lets users store various cryptocurrencies in it. The Opera browser, which added a built-in cryptocurrency wallet late last year, also offers these features. It recently added support for TRON and Bitcoin to the beta version of its browser.

Users can sign up to the public beta through MetaMask’s website. While signing up isn’t necessary to test the app, some may prefer bypassing Google’s Play Store to avoid phishing schemes.