After the wild party that ended with the Bitcoin price reaching $13,813―its highest level in 2019―on June 26 (19:00 UTC), came the one-week hangover that took the price down all the way to $9,782 on July 2 (07:00 UTC). Now, though, the Bitcoin price is looking a lot healthier, having gone up over 17% in the past 24-hour period.

First, here’s the two-week price chart that illustrates what a rollercoaster period this has been for Bitcoin, the rise from $9,155 on June 19 (06:00 UTC) to $13,813 on June 26 (19:00 UTC), the fall back to $9,782 on July 2 (07:00 UTC) and the rise to $11,566 (05:30 UTC) on July 3:

BTC - 2 Week CC Chart - 3 July 2019.jpg

And at the time of writing (July 3, 06:15 UTC), as you can see in the 24-hour price chart below, Bitcoin is trading at $11,455, up over 17% in the past 24-hour period:

BTC - 24 HOUR CC CHART - 3 JULY 2019.png

Currently, the total reported market cap for all coins/tokens is $311.5 billion, while Bitcoin’s market cap is $205 billion.

Although Bitcoin’s price is still down 43% from the all-time high (ATH) it reached in December 2017, it’s year-to-date return on investment (ROI) is an impressive +211.36%.

All the other coins/tokens in the top 30 are currently in the green. Here are how some of the most popular altcoins are doing at the moment:

Altcoins - 3 July 2019.png

The three biggest gainers (with respect to USD) in the top 30 (by market cap) are:

  • #15 Chainlink (LINK): $3.74 (+12.30%)
  • #21 Tezos (XTZ): $1.12 (+28.60%)
  • #24 Maker (MKR): $655.92 (+13.81%)

As for what the top crypto analysts and traders think about Bitcoin’s latest price action, here are a couple of reactions:


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