Roobee IEO - A New Project for the Investment Industry

Important information: please remember that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. If you are unsure of the suitability of your investment please seek advice. Tax rules can change and the value of any benefits depends on individual circumstances.

IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) have become increasingly prominent in the crypto space. Roobee is one of the best examples of these new IEO projects. The first round of the IEO has recently successfully closed on BirForex, and has raised more than 100 BTC after just over an hour. The second round is coming on May 18th.

You can purchase tokens and learn more about the project on the website -

Roobee is a Blockchain-based investment service that opens a direct channel to invest in IPOs and financial tools, with a deposit from as low as $10 with an easy-to-use application without hidden fees and commissions. Moreover, Roobee uses artificial intelligence technologies and completely transparent statistics to help people make smart investments. Roobee's AI will help users create a rational investing portfolio in less than 10 minutes. The project has been supported by a famous “crypto-whale,” known as "200mln trader" - who invested $4.5mln on Roobee private sale.

Roobee is already more than just an idea, over 15 million dollars have already passed through the Roobee test network.

What problems does Roobee solve?

First of all, Roobee determines the problem that a  lot of people cannot gain access to the world of investments. Roobee creates the opportunity to invest with a single click by collecting various investment products from around the world under one roof. The ecosystem provides an entry point to the stock market, venture capital market, ICO industry, and real estate.  

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Robee believes that many investment products lack transparency. Many investment managers do not share real, instant and transparent information. Roobee aims to create an environment of trust for every investment product. To this end, they form a uniform, transparent and original statistical and analysis system based on Blockchain for each investment product. This system is based on the RoobeeChain Blockchain, which allows investors to control the effectiveness of any investment product before investing in funds.

Many people believe that investing is very complicated, boring and time-consuming. Roobee, therefore, makes investments an exciting game. Users can get involved in an interesting game and earn Roobee tokens for every investment they complete. What's more, Roobee makes it easy to use the system with the help and guidance on the platform.

Roobee Team

Behind the idea and money raised is an experienced team with a clear step-by-step vision on how to develop high-demand products. Artem Popov, Roobee's co-founder, is a serial entrepreneur with six years of experience in successful business and community development, and in Russia built a fellowship of 300 000+ potential investors. He often speaks at crypto events worldwide, acting as an ambassador for Roobee.

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Artem Popov (Roobee co-founder) with Roger Ver

IEO Started on May 13th

The first round of the Roobee IEO, which was launched on BitForex, took just over an hour to raise more than 100BTC. The second round will start on May 18 and will continue until May 22nd. Each Roobee token price is 0.01 USD. Sure, you need to be operational to have time to buy tokens!

Those who invest at least 1,500 dollars are expecting 5%, 7% of those who invest at least 3,000 dollars and 10% bonus opportunity for those who invest at least 7,000 dollars. Last, but not least, every user who support Roobee IEO on BitForex will receive a special bonus - a special right to invest in most-expected exclusive projects such as TON ICO, Levi's IPO, Zoom IPO and even more!

UPDATE: Roobee IEO on BitForex successfully ended on May, 18. Information about further token sales could be found at

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IE Option Runs a 2-BTC Deposit Bonus Promotion

IE Option, a London-based company that provides a cryptocurrency  options trading service, has officially launched a 2-BTC deposit bonus campaign for all deposits since March 2020.

This promotion is an upgrade from a ‘First Deposit Promotion’ which only offered a bonus for first deposits. From now on, every deposit over 2 BTC can get 4 BTC back. If lower, a 1 BTC deposit gives you a 1.8 BTC balance. The bonus can be traded like real bitcoin and profits earned with it can be withdrawn.

“We have received tons of new users flocking in much more than we expected since the launching of the platform, the recurring deposits are often higher than first deposits, that’s why we want to surrender part of the profits to say thank you to our loyal clients for choosing IE Option as an investment solution during the bear market”, said Serena Freeman, the Operation Director of IE Option.

IE Option, established in late 2019, developed by a team of blockchain veterans, is dedicated to working for a vision to make options trading an easy tool for all bitcoin traders.

What Is Options Trading -  It Can Help You Earn Even in a Bear Market

An OPTION stands for a derivative contract that grants you the right to take profits on a specific asset for the change of its value without any underlying instrument being bought or sold.

To make an option trade on bitcoin’s price, you choose one of two directions - up and down, and trade it in the market - the platform will match your option with an opposite one the other traders made.

Traders need to set an expiration time for the options, from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. When the time is up, the direction the asset moved toward will see profits be approved for the trader who made the right call.

img 1.jpg

Options trading shares the essence of futures trading but presents a flexible and simple form - you don’t need to own an underlying asset, whatever ETH or EOS, your resources are instead knowledge of the market.

Options trading settles only in one cryptocurrency: bitcoin. That is to say, options trading saves all the swap fees for you as you don’t need to convert bitcoin to any other cryptocurrency.

It doesn’t matter whether the price of cryptocurrencies rise or fall, nor does it matter whether the bulls or the bears are controlling the market. Options can be a profitable solution for cryptocurrency investors.

IE Option Makes It Possible to Earn Every 60 Seconds

IE Option (, registered in London, United Kingdom, is an options trading platform operated by a team of blockchain experts and financial professionals. IE Option focuses on cryptocurrency-based financial derivatives including BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, and XRP. 

The profitability ranges from 60% to 91% and the most popular asset is BTC/USDT. Profitability means the profit for an option assuming the right prediction of the right direction.

img 2.png

For example, if you trade an option of 1 BTC and the price goes as you predict, you will get 1.91 BTC back.

To be precise, if your winning rate is over 52.36%, you will earn more bitcoin than you lose. To become an options trading expert, you just need some time to practice, IE Option offers a demo account with 10 BTC inside for all new users, allowing them to experiment in a virtual trading room to train to become an options trading master!

Features of IE Option

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  • Quick Registration without KYC Verification

IE Option cares about your privacy and does not ask for personal information, all you need to do is simply to verify your email. The registration usually takes 30 seconds.

  • Up to 91% profitability

IE Option offers a leading profitability in the industry. Starting at 81%, but once a user deposits or trades frequently to become a VIP, her/his account will be upgraded to enjoy 91% immediately.

  • Fast and Easy Trades

The minimum expiration time for each option is just 60 seconds, though you can vary that the way it better fits your strategy. All you need to do to think-make an option-wait for 60 seconds-get the result.

  • Demo Account

IE Option offers 10 BTC in your demo account for practice. Once you’re ready, you can switch to the Real Account, watch the K-line carefully and keep calm, so you can find the right timing to place your first option. The only goal you need to go for is to reach a satisfying winning rate - 52.36%.

  • Low Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin is accepted for deposits. The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC. Once the bitcoin transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, it will be added to your account balance immediately.

  • Quick Withdrawal

IE Option provides a quick liquidation process, your withdrawal requests will be handled within 2 hours, and with your email confirmation, it will be accelerated to take only 30 minutes.

  • Automatic Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is delivered immediately and automatically once the deposit is received. You don’t need to contact support or submit any form to claim the bonus.

  • Mobile App for Android & iOS

The dashboard is compatible with Windows and macOS, IE Option Ltd. also developed mobile applications to put this magical and powerful trading tool on your pocket. Search IE Option trading app or go directly with the official links as follows.

About IE Option:

Official Website

Download app from Google Play

Download app from Apple Appstore

Headquarter Office - IEOPTION CO., LTD, London, United Kingdom

Important information: please remember that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. If you are unsure of the suitability of your investment please seek advice. Tax rules can change and the value of any benefits depends on individual circumstances.