Cameron Winklevoss, a co-founder of the popular cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, has recently argued that while it may be crazy to invest in bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, it isn’t “as crazy as sitting on the sidelines.”

This, he added, as he believes the future of money “is literally being built” before our eyes, and presumably taking the risk of investing in BTC may pay off tremendously if the cryptocurrency achieves mass adoption.

Responding to some users who revealed they wished they knew about the cryptocurrency space years ago, before its 2017 bull run that saw most cryptos hit a new all-time high, the Winklevoss twin revealed he believes it’s “still early” to be in the space.

Most cryptocurrency users believe the space has the potential to disrupt the traditional financial industry and allow people to control their own money. Earlier this month Cameron’s brother, Tyler Winklevoss, called bitcoin “gold 2.0” and suggest the crypto’s market cap has a lot more room to grow.

This, as he believes BTC is a digital equivalent of gold, better than physical gold itself. This means it has the potential to surpass gold’s $7 trillion market cap.

The Winklevoss twins are well-known bitcoin bulls. Back in February of 2018, when the flagship cryptocurrency was still trading at around $10,000, they claimed BTC had the potential to grow 30 to 40 times to achieve a $5 trillion market cap.

Their cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has been running an ad campaign calling or “crypto without chaos.” Essentially, the campaign is calling for cryptocurrency regulations due to the necessity of a “bridge” between the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency space.