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Thanks to the Eidoo established network of accredited investors selected to participate in the LEO private sale and therefore LEO token holders, we are now able to offer everyone the possibility to buy – even $100 – through an IOU on LEO token, the token under the spotlight of the whole world.

Citizens or residents of the United States of America, Canada, North Korea, China, and other restricted countries according to our AML policies are excluded.

What is LEO IOU and how does it work?

LEO IOU (abbreviated from the phrase “I owe you”) enables you to receive LEO Token when it will be issued.

People will be able to buy the LEO IOU from the Eidoo hybrid exchange with ETH. Then, once LEO tokens will be distributed by the iFinex subsidiary to the private offering investors those will be redistributed to LEO IOU token holders – for each LEO IOU, one LEO token will be received.

In the event that LEO Token is not issued by the iFinex subsidiary, or that for any reason they are not available to be redistributed, every LEO IOU will be refunded at the IEO Token Price of $1.00 (paid in ETH).

LEO IOU Initial Exchange Offer



No. of Tokens being sold


IEO Token Price (fixed in USD)

$ 1.00

IEO Start Date

May 7th 2019,1:00 PM UTC

IEO End Date

May 11th 2019,1:00 PM UTC



Minimum Order Size

0.3 ETH

Max Order Size



5% (paid in EDO tokens)

KYC Tier Required

EidooID, Tier 2 on Eidoo App

Transfer Restrictions

After the purchase, LEOIOU are locked and transfers are limited until LEO Token will be distributed

Countries Restrictions

United States of America, Canada, North Korea, China, and other countries according to our AML policy

Eidoo reserves the right to suspend the IEO of LEOIOU at any time even in the event of a partial sale of the tokens issued or before reaching the IEO End Date.

How can you buy LEO IOU?

LEO IOU Initial Exchange Offering will be done through Eidoo App.

Eidoo is available on iOS, Google Play and on all desktop devices such as Linux, Mac and Windows. Once you have downloaded the app and your identity has been verified, you can transfer ETH to your wallet and proceed to buy LEO IOU.

How does LEO Token work?

LEO is a utility token at the heart of the iFinex ecosystem and consequently used in Bitfinex exchange to pay and receive discounts on trading fees.

On a monthly basis, Bitfinex and its affiliates will buy LEOs from the market for a minimum of 27% of gross revenues consolidated in the previous month. Repurchases will be made at market rates.

In addition to the above, an amount equal to at least 95% of the net funds recovered by Crypto Capital will be used to repurchase and burn the outstanding LEO tokens within 18 months from the date of recovery.

Furthermore, an amount equal to at least 80% of the net funds recovered by Bitfinex Hack will be used to repurchase and burn the LEO tokens in circulation within 18 months from the date of recovery.

More info on the official website here.