TRON Preparing to Launch Layer-Two Solution, SUN Network for Faster Transactions

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX), a leading platform for building smart contract-enabled decentralized applications (dApps), has revealed that the SUN Network is “almost” ready to go live.

The crypto entrepreneur noted that the SUN network consists of sidechains and a “cross-chain infrastructure” that will allow the Tron platform to “further expand [its] overall capacity.” According to Sun, the updates to Tron’s blockchain will “improve the [network’s] overall” ability to process transactions.

The codebase modifications will also enable more efficient “smart contract execution,” Sun stated.

Tron’s DAppChain To Be Launched In “Three Phases”

Some important upgrades that will be activated on the Tron network include the launch of a DAppChain. This has been described as a DApp “sidechain expansion project” which aims to “significantly increase the capacity” (or throughput) of dApps running on the Tron platform.

DAppChain has been built to allow users to “run dApps with extremely low energy consumption, high security, and efficiency.” As noted in Sun’s tweet, there will be “three phases” through which DAppChain will be introduced. The software will be rolled out in phases in order to provide a seamless UX/UI experience and allow users to test the DAppChain platform before it is launched into production.

Phase 1: Testnet

The first phase of DAppChain’s launch will “focus on supporting sidechain-based smart contracts, realizing the unlimited expansion” of the mainnet - while also ensuring the security of user assets on the network.

The second and third phases of the DAppChain launch will involve making changes to the project’s codebase - based on how the software performs on the testnet and feedback from users.

In addition to introducing the DAppChain, Sun revealed during a recent interview that at some point during Q2 2019, the crypto platform will launch a Tron-based USDT. This, Sun explained, will allow for transfers with USDT, the world’s most dominant stablecoin, to be completed “faster, cheaper,” and in a more “reliable” manner.

On April 5th, 2019, the TRON Foundation published a report in which it revealed that there are now over 2.3 million accounts which have been created on the Tron network. The report also noted that there had been at least 246 different dApps that had been launched on the Tron platform.