ADA/USD Long-term Trend –Bullish

  • Supply zone: $0.1000, $0.1200, $0.1400
  • Demand zone: $0.0100, $0.0080, $0.0060

ADA continues in the uptrend in its long-term outlook. The strong bullish momentum was sustained with a retest at $0.07000 on 29th March in the supply area as predicted in last week’s analysis. ADA close the week higher at $0.07456.

ADA is already up at $0.08892 in the supply area as the new week and new month began with strong bullish pressure.

Cardano, ADAUSDADA chart by TradingView

The price is above the two EMAs which are fanned apart. This connotes strength in the context of the trend and in this case the uptrend. The stochastic oscillator signal is up in the overbought region at 87%. This further confirms upward momentum in price of the cryptocurrency in the long-term.

$0.1000 mark in the supply area is the bulls target as momentum to the upside increased and more candles opened and closed above the two EMAs.


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