Delphi Digital, a crypto research group, have absorbed the similar 51percent Crypto Research outfit, including their founder Tom Shaughnessy. In addition, notable crypto analyst Anthony Pompliano will join Delphi’s board of directors.

Speaking of the merger, Shaughnessy told Cheddar in an interview that the merger “marks the [cryptoasset] industry maturing,” adding that “[Delphi] need to make sure that we educate all of the traditional funds, and crypto funds.” Shaughnessy believes that the trend of consolidation, between traditional and crypto firms, will continue in the next 18 months.

Delphi are offering a discount on their basic research package, to celebrate the merger.

Hopeful Predictions

Delphi have been, for the past few months, taking a hopeful line regarding the fortunes of Bitcoin.

As CryptoGlobe have been covering, Delphi reckon that the end of falling Bitcoin price action should occur within Q1 of 2019, or H1 at the latest. They have based this prediction on an in-house analysis of the “age” of the entirety of Bitcoin unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs).


In brief, an increase in the overall age of the UTXO pool has historically signalled holding (or “hodling”) of bitcoin, which has presaged an end to falling price action and eventual reversal. Delphi went so far as to claim that “selling pressure from long term [bitcoin] holders […] is almost exhausted”

Mike Novogratz, former Goldman Sachs partner and famous institutional crypto-bull, said two days ago (13 Feb) that Bitcoin is “going to grind back up” to an $8,000 price, after which “you [will] see the enthusiasm pick up.”

Novogratz is clearly vexed, however, with the lack of institutional interest, tweeting on 9 Feb that he “[doesn’t] understand why all the big macro funds out there don’t have a 1 percent position in $btc […] Just seems logical even if your [sic] prone to be a skeptic.”