Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis — February 20

  • The BTC price faces resistance at the $4,200 price level.
  • The crypto's price is likely to rise if more buyers come in at the $4,000 price level.

Bitcoin, BTCUSDBitcoin Chart by Trading View

BTCUSD Medium-term Trend: Bullish

  • Resistance levels: $7,000, $7,200, $7,400
  • Support levels: $3,700, $3,500, $3,300

The price of Bitcoin is still in the bullish trend zone after the February 8 price rally. There is a fresh upward price movement after the range bound movement. The crypto's price is making a series of higher highs and higher lows as the price rises from the $3,700 to the $4,000 price levels. The BTC price is likely to face resistance at the $4,200 price level.

If the bulls face resistance at that price level, the crypto will be forced to a range bound movement. On the upside, if the bulls have a price breakout, the crypto will revisit the highs of $4,500 and $5,000 price levels. Meanwhile, the stochastic band is at the overbought region and above the 80% range which indicates that the crypto is in a strong bullish momentum and a buy signal.

BTC/USD Short-term Trend: Bullish

Bitcoin, BTCUSDBitcoin Chart by Trading View

On the 4-hour chart, the price of Bitcoin is in a bullish trend zone. The BTC price is in a smooth uptrend. The crypto's price is trading at $4,034 and approaching the resistance level. Nevertheless, since on November 24, the bulls have not been able to break above the $4,200 resistance level.

The crypto's price is likely to rise if more buyers come in at the $4,000 price level. A price breakout will make the price of Bitcoin to appreciate in value and attract more buyers. Meanwhile, the stochastic band is at the overbought region and above the 80% range which indicates that the crypto is in a strong bullish momentum and a buy signal.



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Burn Satoshi's Bitcoin, Suggests Paxful CEO in Thought Experiment

John Moore
  • Paxful CEO Ray Youssef proposes 'burning' the stash of Bitcoin alleged to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Bitcoin creator said to hold up to 980,000BTC in dormant wallets, theoretically worth US$10 billion
  • Without complete consensus on the move,  burning the coins would cause another Bitcoin fork

One member of the global cryptocurrency community has come up with what can best be described as a scorched earth policy for settling the debate over who is Satoshi Nakamoto once and for all. 

With the spotlights of Bitcoin watchers firmly on the latest questionable claim to be the creator of cryptocurrency as we know it, Ray Youssef - CEO and co-founder of crypto marketplace and wallet service, Paxful - in a now-deleted Tweet - took to Twitter to propose a Bitcoin soft fork that would 'burn' the BTC its  pseudonymous developer is thought to hold in wallets that have never been active.

His suggestion was ignored by a group of crypto-luminaries who he tagged for support, and apparently rounded on by commenters. 

Blockchain analysis undertaken in 2013 by Security Researcher and Bitcoin Blogger, Sergio Demain Lerner , alleged that Nakamoto may have amassed something like 980,000 bitcoin as a lone miner in the early days of its existence. When the BitMEX exchange team revisited Lerner's work a year ago, they reduced this estimate to 700,000 - but didn't rule out the possibility that the figure could be much higher.

Thus, the cryptocurrency the creator fo bitcoin likely accumulated between Jan and August 2009 (or late-Jan 2010, depending on whose opinion you listen to) could, theoretically, be worth something in the region of $10 billion at the current market rate.

A more realistic assessment of their value, however, centers on the idea  that - as they are sitting in the most closely watched wallets on the crypto scene - any attempt to move or sell them would cause massive upheaval in the global cryptocurrency markets, crash the BTC price and gut their value before a significant amount could even make it to a hot wallet somewhere. 

This scenario has been a sword of Damocles threatening Bitcoin since the Satoshi's Stash theories first appeared amid early interest in the concept, explaining the appeal of simply removing control of the coins from their owner - especially to someone with a vested interest in Bitcoin's value. However, Youssef's suggestion that such a measure would 'smoke out' Nakamoto's real life persona, was obviously considered to be ethically outrageous by some and a logistical nightmare by almost everyone. 

It's not that it isn't technically possible. It is. However, unless it had the consensus of the entire Bitcoin network (saying it wouldn't is a pretty safe bet), the fork would create two blockchains and a 'Schroedinger's Nakamoto' - where Satoshi was very rich on one, but not on the other. 

Let it not be forgotten that a similar schism led to a fork in the Ethereum blockchain following The DAO hack a few years back, a split that we have to thank for the existence of Ethereum Classic, which stuck with the pre-DAO blockchain. Let it also not be forgotten that recent Bitcoin forks have not worked out so well for most of the parties involved. Let it also not be forgotten that Nakamoto is considered with almost deity like reverence by some crypto-evangelists. All in all, it seems Youssef is now regretting making the suggestion

So, while Youssef's suggestion could well have been a way to get the real Satoshi Nakamoto to please stand up, it would likely have done much more damage than good.