Number of Crypto ATMs Doubled to 4,000 This Year: Report

The number of cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs) has doubled so far this year, as there are now over 4,000 crypto ATMs spread throughout 76 countries in the world, being operated by over 520 organizations.

According to data published by cryptocurrency analytics platform Data Light, the number of crypto ATMs doubled this year despite the prolonged bear market that saw the price of most cryptocurrencies crash. On average, Data Light claims, 6 crypto ATMs were installed per day.

Its data shows that out of all 4,051 cryptocurrency ATMs nearly all support bitcoin, while over half support litecoin and close to 2,000 support Ethereum’s ether. Bitcoin cash is the next most widely supported cryptocurrency, while privacy-centric cryptos like dash, monero, and zcash follow. Some also support dogecoin.

The shared graph appears to show most cryptocurrency ATMs were installed in the first few months of the year, when the prices of most cryptocurrencies were still relatively high compared to today’s prices. Since the beginning of 2014, the number of crypto ATMs has only dropped in November of 2015.

Per CoinATMRadar data, there are now nearly 4,100 cryptocurrency ATMs in the world, and most of them are located in the United States. As CryptoGlobe reported, the number hit 3,000 back in May of this year.

These machines often have high usage fees, as some charge users a fee up to 8% to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency. There are different types of these ATMs, as some let users buy and sell crypto, while others only let users buy.

The crypto ATM market is, as covered, expected to grow to nearly $145 million by 2023, as it’s forecasted to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54.7% for the next five years, according to a report published by ResearchandMarkets.

Notably the market has been facing some resistance. As covered India’s first bitcoin ATM was taken down shortly after being set up, as authorities claimed its operator, Unocoin, didn’t have permission to install it.

Bitcoin Ransomware Attack in Argentina Encrypts a Decade's Worth of Government Files

Francisco Memoria

A bitcoin ransomware attack has recently hit a data center in Argentina that houses local government files, and managed to encrypt a decade’s worth of data that has been started to be decrypted.

According to an interview by the country’s Minister of Science and Technology Alicia Bañuelos with the local news outlet Agencia de Noticias de San Luis, a total of 7,700 GB worth of data were originally encrypted, but so far around 90% of that data has reportedly been recovered.

Bañuelos was quoted as saying:

Bitcoin ransomware attack in Argentina encrypts a decade's worth of government files.

As reported by The Next Web, the attack occurred on November 25 and the exact size of the demanded BTC ransom isn’t known. Reports suggest it was somewhere between 0.5 and 50 BTC, or between $37,000 and $370,000.

Ransomware extortionists appear to be somewhat active over the last few weeks, as they’ve recently managed to hit Spain’s largest radio network Cadena SER, demanding a total of $827,00 worth of bitcoin to decrypt its systems. The attack initially hit a popular IT company called Everis, one of the country’s largest service providers.

Back in July a county in Indiana decided to pay ransomware attackers around $130,000 in BTC to have its systems decrypted, amid a plethora of attackers that forced two cities in Florida – Riviera Beach and Lake City – to pay thousands to the attackers as well.

Featured image via Unsplash.