Survey: 60% of US Voters Want Cryptos to Be 'Treated the Same' As Fiat Money in Political Campaigns

  • Majority of US voters responding to Clovr's survey want cryptocurrencies to be accepted and "treated the same" as fiat money donated to political campaigns. 
  • Most of the republican, democrat, and independent voters responding to the survey said digital currencies may allow for foreign interference in US political affairs, or elections. 

A survey performed recently by blockchain-focused research group, Clovr, revealed that 60 percent of respondents wanted digital currencies to be accepted, and “treated the same” as fiat money in US "federal elections.”

21 percent of those surveyed said that cryptocurrencies may not be considered the same as fiat currency.

1,023 US Voters Surveyed

The stated aim of Clovr’s survey was to determine what kind of impact digital currencies could have on the political system. There were 1.023 people who responded to the research firm’s survey.

Those responding to Clovr’s crypto-related questionnaire were US citizens and also eligible voters. Significantly, 60 percent of the respondents said “it should be legal to donate cryptocurrency in federal elections under the same rules that apply to donations in US dollars.”

63 percent of respondents who identified as Republican party supporters said digital currencies were a secure form of payment, and could be used in political campaigns. Meanwhile, 52 percent of the US Democratic party supporters also recommended the same.

Security Concerns When Accepting Crypto

45 percent of independent voters, or those not affiliated with any particular political party, said donations in cryptocurrency should be accepted. When questioned about whether security should be a concern when dealing with cryptos, 73 percent of respondents said it was not an issue.

In response to questions regarding the financial stability issues cryptocurrencies may have, 52 percent of the Republicans said they were sufficiently stable for political campaigns. Only 40 percent of Democrats, and 35 percent of independent voters, felt cryptos were stable enough to be used in the political process.

Interestingly, 25 percent of those surveyed stated that if donations in cryptocurrencies become more common, then they would be more inclined to contribute funds to political parties. Over 20 percent of Republicans stated they would donate more money if cryptos were an option.

Crypto Donations May Increase Chances Of Foreign Interference

Only 16 percent of Democrats said they would contribute more funds to political campaigns if cryptos were accepted, and 12 percent of independent voters said the same.

Importantly, 60 percent of Clovr’s survey respondents stated that cryptocurrency donations would increase the likelihood of foreign interference in US political affairs.

As CryptoGlobe reported in September, online research and analytics firm, YouGov, revealed that awareness of cryptocurrencies among adults in the US had increased. Notably, 79 percent of YouGov’s survey respondents said they had heard about at least one cryptocurrency.