EOS Price Analysis – August 28

  • The medium and short-term outlook is in a bullish trend.
  • Responsible buying at former supply areas-turned-demand areas with a bullish candle reversal pattern as further confirmation is advised

Eos, EOSUSD, Cryptocompare chartEOS Chart by TradingView

EOSUSD Price Medium-term Trend: Bullish

Supply zones: $9.00, $10.00, $11.00

Demand zones: $3.00, $2.00, $1.00

EOS is in a bullish trend in the medium-term outlook. The strong bullish pressure was sustained as the upper supply area of yesterday's range was broken at $5.30 with a large engulfing candle that pushed the price to $5.43. A retest of the broken supply-turned demand area occurred with the bearish 4-hour opening candle before the continued bullish momentum.

The price is above the two EMA crossover and the stochastic oscillator is 84% in the overbought region. The bulls are on the ground and an upward movement of price of the cryptocurrency may occur in the medium–term with a target at $5.80 in the supply area.

EOSUSD Price Short-term Trend: Bullish

Eos, EOSUSD, Cryptocompare chartEOS Chart by TradingView

The cryptocurrency is in a bullish trend in the short-term outlook. The upper supply area of yesterday's range at $5.19 was broken with a large bullish engulfing candle. The price was further up at $5.43 in the supply area yesterday.

A minor pullback to $5.30 in the demand area due to the bears' pressure occurred but failed to break the 10-day EMA. The price is above the two EMAs crossover with the stochastic oscillator at 72% and its signal pointing up. This implies sustained bullish pressure as the journey north builds up.


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Monero’s Website Was Hacked to Distribute Crypto-Stealing Malware

Michael LaVere
  • Monero's official website GetMonero.com was hacked and caused users to download malware.
  • Monero's team responded to the situation, warning users to confirm the hashes on their wallet binaries. 

The official website for Monero (XMR), GetMonero.com, has been hacked and caused users to download cryptocurrency stealing malware when attempting to obtain the privacy-centric cryptocurrency's wallet. 

According to a report by Ars Technica, GetMonero was discovered to have been hacked on Nov. 19 when a user noticed that the hash from the downloaded XMR wallet did not match the one listed on the site. User nikitasius published a post on GitHub detailing the different hashes, which was confirmed by other members of the community. 

Rather than being an error, the mismatched hash was determined to be the result of an attack on users of GetMonero. Users who downloaded the wallet from the website were put at risk of a cryptocurrency-stealing malware.

GetMonero promptly issued a warning, telling community members, 

It's strongly recommended to anyone who downloaded the CLI wallet from this website between Monday 18th 2:30 AM UTC and 4:30 PM UTC, to check the hashes of their binaries. If they don't match the official ones, delete the files and download them again. Do not run the compromised binaries for any reason.

One unfortunate Reddit user detailed losing $7,000 from his wallet after downloading the malicious client, 

I can confirm that the malicious binary is stealing coins. Roughly 9 hours after I ran the binary a single transaction drained my wallet of all $7000. I downloaded the build yesterday around 6pm Pacific time.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com