Energi Mine Launches Phase Two of Its EnergiTokens Rewards Platform

  • UK-based blockchain energy company Energi Mine has today launched phase two of its EnergiTokens rewards platform
  • The platform provides financial incentives for energy-saving behaviour in the form of cryptocurrency.

UK-based blockchain energy company Energi Mine has today launched phase two of its EnergiTokens rewards platform, providing a financial incentive for energy-saving behaviour in the form of cryptocurrency.

Following the successful launch of the platform in May of this year, this second phase introduces a management dashboard for approved vendors, allowing them to manage clients and distribute tokens. Consumers using these vendors will be given the power to interact with them directly as they continue to earn ETK and trade it in for rewards.

Currently, users of the EnergiToken rewards platform can use their ETK to pay their energy bills, charge electric vehicles, or exchange it for fiat currency. Actions that earn ETK include taking public transport, reducing energy waste in the workplace, and purchasing energy-efficient appliances.

It launches in English today, with Japanese and Korean language versions launching on 6th August, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions following soon after on the 13th.

Cultivating a culture of energy efficiency is seen as key to reducing a number of environmental issues, such as pollution. The Energi Mine release comes as three Chinese cities appeared in the latest list of the world’s ten most polluted cities, including its capital city Beijing. In a speech at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, President Xi Jinping praised blockchain technology as a potential solution to environmental issues within the country.

Meanwhile, Energi Mine is continuing to establish partnerships with major organisations. Earlier this year, it partnered with Manchester-based FuseX to launch an e-card debit card. This will allow customers more freedom in how they spend their ETK, allowing them to effectively spend it anywhere.

More recently, Energi Mine announced a relationship with the Energy Managers Association to conduct a three month trial of the ETK rewards platform with Network Rail, the UK’s railway infrastructure operator. The initiative, which rewards Network Rail employees for saving energy in the workplace, is part of Energi Mine’s strategy to disrupt the $2 trillion global electricity market and ensure mass adoption of ETK.

Omar Rahim, CEO of Energi Mine said:

We are extremely happy with the progress to date. This latest update will expand the possibilities open to those using the Energi Mine rewards platform. Whether it is through allowing consumers and vendors to interact more freely or in giving vendors more control over transactions – Energi Mine is taking another important step towards creating a fully functioning ecosystem to incentivise energy efficient behaviour.

Omar Rahim

Binance Coin (BNB) Price Up Over 8%, Sets Another All-Time High by Going Over $29

According to CryptoCompare, at 10:20 UTC + 01:00 on Sunday (May 19), the price of Binance Coin (BNB) set a new all-time high (ATH) at $29.80, and at press time, it is still trading at $29.36, up 8.66% in the past 24-hour period. 

Below is the 24-hour price chart for BNB:

BNB - 24 Hour CC Chart - 19 May 2019.png

The performance of BNB over the past three-month period is truly impressive: the price has gone up from $10.47 to $29.36 for a gain in value of over 180%.

BNB - 3 Month CC Chart - 19 May 2019.png

This new all-time high comes just three days after the BNB price reached an ATH of $27.39 and four days after Binance confirmed that it had completed its major security upgrade and relaunched its trading platform (following the security break it suffered on May 7).

The main reason for today's strong performance is the upcoming public sale of the Harmony (ONE) token, which was announced on May 16 (one of the main reasons for the previous ATH that was set on that day), and which is set to start at 06:00 UTC on May 27.

More specifically, since one of the rule changes for this sale is that Binance is now calculating for each user account the average BNB holding over the holding period (which is calculated by taking the average of the BNB balance at 23:59:59 UTC on each day in the 7-day holding period) and the holding period, as can be seen by this reminder from Binance, starts at 23:59:59 UTC on May 19, it is important for all those Binance users who are interested in participating in this token sale to make sure that they have a sufficient number of BNB tokens (minimum is 50) before this deadline: