What to Expect From the Bitcoin Market in July, Predicts Popular Analyst

in a video released on June 22, prominent crypto analyst and Trader Eric Crown talked about what to expect from Bitcoin in July July 2024. Crown begins his analysis by noting that with just over a week left until July starts, it’s an appropriate time to review historical returns for July and compare them with […]

Why Bitcoin Is Not Skyrocketing Right Now, Explains Prominent Crypto Analyst

In a recent video, Toby Cunningham, co-host of the Crypto Tips YouTube channel, discusses why Bitcoin has been hovering around the mid $65,000 range. Cunningham explains that this “crabbing” phase, where Bitcoin’s price remains stagnant, has led many to speculate about the reasons behind it. According to Toby Cunningham, understanding the underlying factors can provide […]


Bonk ($BONK) Dogwifhat ($WIF) Price Analysis

AI Prediction: Dogwifhat ($WIF) vs. Bonk ($BONK) – Which Is Potentially the Better Buy for the Rest of 2024?

As of 18 June 2024, the cryptocurrency market remains volatile, with Dogwifhat ($WIF) and Bonk ($BONK) capturing significant attention from investors. In this analysis, we will delve into the year-to-date (YTD) performance of $WIF-BTC, $WIF-USD, $BONK-BTC, and $BONK-USD pairs to determine, based on AI predictions, which cryptocurrency presents a better buying opportunity for the remainder […]

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Bitcoin ($BTC)

Why Bitcoin Stands Alone: Highlights From Strike CEO’s Rousing Speech at BTC Prague 2024

Jack Mallers, Founder and CEO of Bitcoin startup Strike, began his keynote at BTC Prague 2024 by emphasizing the theme of leveling up the understanding of Bitcoin. Mallers acknowledges the frequent questions regarding the differences between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Solana, and the possibility of a “flippening” where another cryptocurrency might […]

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