Russia’s Central Bank Bets on Chinese Yuan Amid Sanctions Squeeze

In a revealing update from Russia’s central bank, it’s become clear that amidst ongoing international tensions, the Chinese yuan is emerging as a crucial asset for Russia’s reserve holdings. According to a Bloomberg News article published on March 29, the Russian financial authority has expressed a lack of viable alternatives to the yuan following the […]

HK Spot Bitcoin ETFs: OSL Exec Reveals How Hong Kong Is Preparing for Their Launch and Their Advantages Over US Counterparts

On March 14, with Bitcoin trading at around $73,115, Gary Tiu, Executive Director & Head of Regulatory Affairs at OSL Group, provided an in-depth analysis of the evolving landscape of spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong during his appearance on Bloomberg TV’s “The China Show.” His discussion with Yvonne Man and Annabelle Droulers shed light […]

Chinese Investors Trigger Global Real Estate Meltdown Amid Escalating Property Crisis at Home: Bloomberg Report

According to a report by Neil Callanan and Ainslie Chandler for Bloomberg, Chinese investors and their creditors are hastening the sale of real estate assets across the globe as the need for liquidity amid a worsening property crisis in China outweighs the risks of selling into a declining market. This trend is shedding light on […]

Embracing Tradition in Turbulent Times: China’s Gold Rush this Lunar New Year

Kitco News reports that as the Chinese New Year (CNY) approaches, gold traders and investors are closely monitoring consumer purchases in China, the globe’s largest market for precious metals. This year’s CNY, marking the year of the Wood Dragon, is anticipated with interest due to unique factors that may influence gold sales. Despite high gold […]

China Introduces Blockchain-Based Real-Name Verification System

According to an article by Xinmei Shen and Matt Haldane for South China Morning Post (SCMP) on 14 December 2023, China is taking a significant step in digital identity management by experimenting with a blockchain-based real-name verification system. This system aims to allow internet users to log into online platforms without divulging personal information such […]

China Unveils Comprehensive Three-Year Action Plan to Advance Metaverse Industry

According to the latest reports by China Global Television Network (CGTN) and the South China Morning Post (SCMP), China has officially launched a three-year action plan to spur the innovative development of the metaverse industry. The plan, which will be in effect from 2023 to 2025, was jointly announced by five Chinese ministries, including the […]

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