Central Banks

Coin Bureau Analyzes Potential of Central Banks Buying Bitcoin: What It Could Mean for Crypto

On July 3, 2024, Guy Turner, the host of Coin Bureau, released a captivating video exploring the intriguing possibility that central banks might start buying Bitcoin (BTC). Guy Turner delves into the potential impacts this could have on the market and your crypto portfolio. Turner begins by referencing El Salvador’s 2021 decision to start accumulating […]

Swiss National Bank Rejects Bitcoin as Reserve Currency Amid Activist Push

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has openly declared its hesitation to integrate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin into its financial reserves. According to a report by Bloomberg, this statement was affirmed by SNB President Thomas Jordan during the bank’s annual shareholder meeting held in Bern. Jordan emphasized that the bank’s reserves must remain liquid, stable in […]

Gold’s Bright Future: Sprott Asset Management CEO Says China Has ‘A Voracious Appetite’ To Buy More Gold

Sprott Inc. (NYSE: SII) is a global investment firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada, specializing in precious metals and real assets investing. Sprott offers a range of investment solutions, including physical bullion trusts, mining ETFs, equity-managed accounts, and debt and private equity strategies. Sprott is well-known for its expertise in the precious metals sector, particularly in […]

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